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A Do or Die for BARCA?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

A Do or Die for Barcelona?

It is clear what Barca was up to this transfer season, There were particularly very busy days for the club who were adamant about changing things after what Bartomeau did during his term at Barca, A historical club on the brink of collapse all because of the misuse of club's fund by their very own president.

Things have changed and it seems it has changed for good, After the election of a new president Laporta came into view, A serial winner who had that extra bit of hungriness in him, a true culer by heart, it was under his management Barca saw its Historic rise back in 2009. Laporta took in some very strong decisions after his return to Catalan the very hard of course the departure of Lionel Messi.

Elected at the beginning of 2021, Barca's new board of directors has done everything possible for the club to stay alive, even with all the burden of debt and uncertain future, Barca has come up with very major signings, Nobody saw this coming, People were even spectacle of even if the very existing of the club is possible or not, forget about the transfers. It came out with no surprise that the club was looking into that injection of capital in its bank account.

Came in the opportunity of Renaming their historical club's stadium from Camp Nou to “Spotify Camp Nou”. A small price to pay for the injection of money which is said to be worth around $ 100 million.

After it gathered the amount of money it was on for Barca, the Transfer market never looked so alive in recent years, with clubs like Real Madrid having to endure the blow of failed transfer due to Kylian Mbappe’s renewal with Paris Saint Germain, nothing seemed to be certain, Barca, in particular, opted for transfer strategy which they saw could fix their problem at least at the short term,

In came the signing of a legendary player like Robert Lewandoski from Bayern Munich, Although 34 year’s old Lewandoski was rated very highly by the Catalan media not just because of his playing quality but also how Lewandoski forced his transfer to come to play for Barcelona, Lewandoski repeatedly upset the Bayern Munich hierarchy and fans to join Barca. Barca went in all out for Barca and they ultimately triumphed.

In came the likes of Raphinha from Leed’s United who I think Everyone saw deemed for the transfer to the Catalan capital, A very talented, skillful winger. Raphina was also closely targeted by Chelsea, but better late than never Barca came in with full force for Raphinha which the player was more than happy to sign for. however, Barca had to cough up $59 million in order to secure the signing.

Many of the Chelsea players were being targeted by the Barca board the pursuit of which did please Chelsea at all, Rumour had it Barca were interested in nearly five of the Chelsea players straight from the likes of Marcus Alonso, Cesar Azplicueta, Christiansen, being the main targets, Barca did manage to get the signatures of Christiansen, However same can’t be said for other two targets.

A very promising midfielder in Frank Kessie who they bought in from Ac-Milan, A sleeping giant we all can agree seems like to redeem himself, Frank Kessie had been an outstanding performer for Milan side in winning the prestigious Italian trophy the Scudetto. Milan finally triumphed over their bitter rivals Inter-Milan, A more sugary treat for Barca came with the potential that came for free of cost, and Frank Kessie was able to join Barca for free, which delighted the Barca hierarchy.

The most interesting target one can point out during this whole transfer saga was that of Jules Kounde, A player from Sevilla who is also a very highly rated full-Back in La Liga, for half of the summer Chelsea was the front-runner in signing the target. It became suddenly Chaotic when Barca joined in the race to sign Kounde, the french International offering no resistance to joining The Spanish side pleased Barca fans and the Director gladly,

A moment that came out during the Barca transfer saga was it virtually ruined Chelsea's market strategy and most of the players Barca were interested in Chelsea were interested too and to some extent, they were directly involved too, With the risk of losing players to Barca Chelsea are said to block the possible transfer target of Barca from their squad, the likes of Marcus Alonso and Cesar Azpelicueta.

Barca generated huge amounts of money in sales of their economic Levers, selling TV rights, stadium names, studios, etc. but at the end of the day, the question arises, Are these risks worth being taken? Won't this mean Barca somewhat selling the source of their future income to attend to their current problems, well the uncertainty does loom over Barca with a dark question that pretty sure would haunt Laporta at night.

Will All these workouts?


Barcelona is sitting at the top of the table with Real Madrid breathing right down their neck. The new signings might not have gone as planned because Barcelona have started to struggle in the Champions League with the game after Inter in Camp Nou Barcelona is currently sitting 3rd in their group just below Inter while now there is the wide possibility that Barcelona might not qualify for the next stage of the Champions league.

The signings did make an impact but most of them are now sidelined due to injuries, With Kounde, Araujo, Bellerin, and Christensen all out Barcelona now has to face Real Madrid in their upcoming fixture for the la Liga with Barcelona very low on confidence after their performance against Inter the game against Real Madrid might be the title decider.



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