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Argentina vs Croatia, The match which might help decide the ultimate GOAT.

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Well, very few have imagined this outcome or even would have predicted the semi-finalist when the first matches of the Group stages were played, certainly Argentina was hanging on with a thin thread after their win against mighty Argentina.

But well, Football has its own surprises, with the shock elimination of Brazil from the World Cup, they were the stark favourites to go win the World cup, as the depth of the squad was the most dangerous.

But we football fans are treated with another outcome as Argentina takes on Croatia, with little or no resistance the Croatian team looks to upset the Argentinian.

Luka Modric has been the heart of the midfield for so many years for Croatia, The Real Madrid legend has been a crucial part of the team since 2014, their latest win against Argentina came during the 2018 World Cup group stages, where the Croatians won with a goal margin of 0-3, with Luka Modric scoring an absolute screamer.

The battle of LM10 cannot b compared as the head-to-head against Messi would even be a high-ranked task for someone as experienced as Luka Modric, However, both Luka Modric and Lionel Messi have played against each other many times during their time in La Liga.

With Lionel Messi arguably being one of the "Best Players in the World" it might have come down to crowing him the Greatest of All Time if Lionel Messi succeeds in winning the World Cup.

With Lionel Messi being in his red-hot form Argentina might be a little too worried about passing to Lionel Messi as there might be more than one body marking the Argentinian Great, but with the form, we have seen Messi play in this World nothing can be discarded.

The LM10 of Argentina is adamant about winning the World Cup which is the only trophy missing from the trophy cabinet of the Argentinian.

The unpredictability of this World cup has made this World Cup most entertaining, who might have thought Saudi Arabia could have won against Argentina or Belgium thrashing out of the World Cup so early in the Group Stages, or Morocco upsetting the absolute Giants of Footballing nations?

This Argentinian team is strong particularly very strong when they go all-out attack but the same was in the case of Brazil, the Brazil team had everything that required pace, dribbling, passing, and technical ability but failed to implement much towards this strong Croatian side.

The most daring thing which keeps this Croatian team alive is their mental strength, their mental strength has been absolutely phenomenal, with the game against Brazil, when they were 1-0 down, they didn't just stop but came out top against their opposition whenever the time was hard. This Croatian side has very similar to the Real Madrid side which won the Champions League in 2022.

Whereas Argentina is adamant about winning they have been loose while on the lead, they lost the Lead against the Saudis, and they lost the lead against the Netherlands, the game which was pretty obviously won was the Dutch were able to equalize at the final dying moments.

The Argentinian team is bound by brotherhood more than teammates, with images of Rodri De Paul constantly protecting Lionel Messi against the opposition, this group of payers have grown up watching.


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