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Barcelona have put on a transfer show

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Barcelona put on a transfer show

Did we expect Barca to go this big?

it is safe to say Barca had a remarkable transfer activity this window, there was not a minute Barca wasn't trending on social media regarding their upcoming transfer targets, Barca sporting team had been on fire with non-stop work behind the scenes.

After a disappointing campaign during their 2021-22 season in which they saw their team play in Europa League surely they might want a change, An immediate change. Barcelona has gone on in this transfer market to spew every bit of their finances into the market, the club which was said to be virtually at its very limit of financial resources was able to put in the best transfers possible in the market.

However, Barcelona seems to have cut off their future finances for an immediate amount of money, they sold 25% of their T.V rights, addition to that they have also sold some of their merchandising arms, and last but not least renaming Camp Nou to “Spotify Camp Nou”

With all the money generated from the Economic levers, Barca headed straight to the transfer market, with the newly available cash Barcelona was able to put up one of the remarkable transfer windows.

Barcelona has managed to secure their long-term interest in Raphinha, and signing the Bayern Munich legend would surely be icing on the top.

Barca has succeeded in making a world-class signing in Robert Lewandoski from Bayern Munich, An approx €60 million top-level signings surely, they have signed players who might virtually fit Xavi's criteria in winger Raphinha signed in from Leeds United for 58 million Dollars approx.

With an already existing deadly trio of Dembele, Memphis Depay and Ansu Fati, the addition of these world-class players into their account would surely guarantee them a formidable front-attacking line.

Barca seemed to be determined to a valuable transfer market this season, with the board, also focused on cutting the cost cap surrounding the finances of the club

Barcelona was nowhere near making signings like Lewandoski, Raphina, Kounde etc, the very financial situation of the club was at a crumbling point with players on huge salaries and perks, however, Barcelona seems to have addressed that problem.

with the cash on hand, Barcelona has been the driving force in this transfer window, humorously credited with ruining Chelsea's transfer market, those are big-money signings with Xavi determined to build a team which can compete in Europe. Laporta seemed to have given Xavi that team

Last season one of the main problems Barcelona had was their defence, Everybody knew it with a defence like that Barcelona was very vulnerable especially in the big games when players were under pressure.

Gerard Pique didn't seem to have the sharpness required to handle the backline that of Barcelona, Alongside him were Clement Lenlegt and Samuel Umtiti both of them failed to make any impression under Xavi.

Ronald Arujo was a big point as he seemed a player hungry and determine to prove his worth, but only his addition was not enough for a team like Barcelona

In came the signing of Eric Garcia from Manchester City but honestly, he too seemed of having made less impact on Xavi for which this year Barcelona opted to have additional signings for their defence.

This year though the story is a bit different with Barca signing loads of defensive players in the market, In came the signings of Christiansen on a free transfer, Jules Kunde for 50 Million dollars, who had an excellent season with AC Milan. with the number of players, Laporte managed to sign during the transfer window Xavi should be having less or no problem in their backline.

With the additional signings of Hector Bellerin and Marcus Alonso, it is pretty sure Barcelona's backline is pretty much sorted out. The deadline day transfer was initiated by Laporta as essential reinforcement for a strong backline throughout the season.

Barcelona now has a team which has depth, they have two players for every position.

And with all the signing Barca did manage to offload a few players too from their squad list, Players who Xavi seems to be counting off.

As it has come out that Barca did run into trouble in registering their new signings, Fortunately Barca was able to register their players on time but Barca did have to sell some of the studio rights to a private company, this was what came out as the fourth economic lever.

Surely with this amount of squad depth, Xavi should manage to at least win the league Well, it does depend upon How Xavi uses the new signings, with the possible lineup constant of Robert Lewandoski as the central striker

Xavi now has the option to play with formation as singings of wingers have given him a wide range of attacking options, an already deadly Ansu Fati is waiting on the line to showcase his ability in front of goal.

Barcelona has not only gone on solidifying their defence but also their attack and midfield, with the signing of Frank Kessie who has been amazing for AC Milan.

With all these signings it is safe to say, Barcelona had a remarkable transfer market as it was clear Barcelona are trying to build back its dominance in Europe.

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