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Top 8 Best Strikers Of All Time

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best strikers of all time - Cristiano Ronaldo

Strikers play a very crucial role in football, A team's success rate phenomenally depends on the efficiency of the strikers, Strikers play various roles on the pitch, from playmaking to goal-scoring, and with the evolution in football tactics, the roles have also changed. Modern-day strikers not only look out for scoring goals but also the overall tactics of the game.

But throughout the game's history there have been several players whose lace can't be laced by modern-day strikers, These players have several accolades and goals to their name that every aspiring striker would look up to them.

1. Pele

A 1000+ goals in his playing career is enough for him to showcase the best talent the world has ever seen this is a feat no one has been able to achieve other than Pele, The Great Brazilian had 3 World Cups to his name. Renowned for his playing the "jogo Bonito" Pele made football interesting to watch, his ability to find the back of the net with so-effortless touches in crucial moments was a testament to his greatness. His impact on global football cannot be overstated as he became a footballing icon worldwide.

2. Ferenc Puskas

He is the type of player that has an award to his name, the award that is given to the best goal scored around the world is given the name "the Puskas Award" around the world. He has scored an astonishing 84 Goals in 85 games for Hungary, A ratio that has remained untouchable in football history. Additionally, more than 500 goals at the club level also separates him from the rest. He did not just score goals but scored hard bangers to replicate hence the name "Puskas Award" is named after him.

3. Ronaldo Nazario

A powerhouse of a player, He was built in such a way that there were very lean chances for defenders to stop him physically, The Ronaldo who performed in that 2002 World Cup with that Iconic Hairstyle is still iconic. He had a predatory skill inside the box coupled with a thunderbolt of a shot, He was an all-rounder of a striker capable of scoring with both the feet and head. He has earned several accolades from FIFA World Player to European Golden Shoes titles.

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4. Cristiano Ronaldo

Often considered the Greatest Footballer Of All Time, Cristiano Ronaldo has been the inspiration for thousands of aspiring footballers all over the world. He is the Top Goalscorer

For his country he has scored 128 goals for Portugal. An Incredibly versatile player he started his career in the top European League as a Midfielder at Manchester United. He was a sensation when it during the 2008 Premier League Era. He has won 5 Balon Do’r’s in his career that is second best to Lionel Messi. He is also the all-time top scorer in the Champions League with a record number of — goals.

5. Thierry Henry

Known for his versatility he could operate in several positions as a striker, he could operate effectively as a centre-forward, a second-striker and even on the wing. He had a bullet-speed pace which frightened the opposition defence during his prime years at Arsenal, He was one of the crucial players during the Invincible run of that 2002 Arsenal team. A team that has defined a year in football history. An intelligent player on the field with excellent passes and vision contributing greatly to his attacking game. He has a trophy-laden cabinet too with trophies such as the Premier League Title, Champions League, and La Liga.

6. Gerd Muller

Considered the Greatest Goal Scorer of All Time Gerd Muller's scoring record is nothing short of extraordinary. He scored a remarkable 68 Goals for the German national team. 

He played a vital role in Germany’s 1974 FIFA World Cup Victory, he was the tournament's top goal-scorer in that tournament with a total number of 10 goals. He has scored a staggering 566 goals in 607 Appearances. He has won domestic titles and European Titles three times Consecutively with Bayern Munich back in the 1970s

7. Alan Shearer 

He might not be the greatest goalscorer in the world but his stats are very impressive considering the efficiency of a striker, The Newcastle and England Legend Alan Shearer was unstoppable during the 1989 Premier League season. Alan Shearer holds the record for the most goals scores in the Premier League era with a remarkable total of 260 goals. He has influenced English Football greatly and shaped the modern game as he was seen at one time as the complete striker for the team.

8. Eusebio

Eusebio Possessed an incredible ability to find the back of the net. He scored an astonishing 733 goals in 745 professional matches, a great showing for his ability. He was not only a goal-scorer but a great Attacker, He had exceptional speed agility, and technical skills enabling him to excel as both a poacher and a creator. He was deadly as knew how to play more than scoring goals. 


These are the players that have made their name in the game, Football has become more interesting to watch after the recent modernization and broadcast of matches all over the world, but this golden generation remains the "GOAT" period of football, As the times these players played there were no hi-tech facilities or training ground or even boots for some players, These players are made up of pure talent and Hard-work.

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