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Top 5 Young Barcelona Players For the Future 

Updated: Mar 28

Barcelona is often called in the world of football, the prestigious La Masia is a renowned academy for aspiring footballers to be a part of. La Masia has produced absolute legends of the game. Right from Sergio Busquets to Messi, It is an academy people admire cause the potential of this club to turn youngsters into superstars.

Top Best Young Barcelona players for the future
Photo from Patrick T'Kindt

So here are the Top Barcelona Players for the future

1. Lamine Yamal

Lamine Yamal has already started to make his name in that Barcelona jersey, He has an absolute talent when it comes to playing the ball forward. There has always been talent in La-Masia but Lamal is different.

He has become one of the most important players for Xavi this season, Unlike Ansu and Fati Yamal seems to be injury-free too

Yamal already scored crucial goals for Barcelona this season, He has developed a formidable partnership with Lewandowski this season

With his pace in that Right-wing there is no catching up with him. Yamal also has a very strong left foot his dribbling quite reminds us of a Young Lionel Messi.

Many News outlets have started comparing him to Lionel Messi already, but we know he has a lot of time to get there or even close to that level.

Nevertheless, for now,

 he remains Barca’s most precious youngster to date.

2. Pedri

We all have seen the importance of Pedri for Barcelona this season, The young Spanish Midfielder has already wrapped up the “Best Young Player” Award back in 2021.

Barcelona has not been the same since his injury, he played a record number of games for a youngster back in the 2021/22 season, and the reason he has been sidelined since then

Pedri fits perfectly in that 4-3-3 Legacy Formation of Barcelona, An attacking midfielder by trait he holds the ball perfectly with the vision of an eagle.

He was able to unlock the toughest defence in Spain with Just a through ball.

He has similar qualities to Andreas Iniesta, Many have compared him to the modern version of Iniesta. He isn’t shy to tackle too if his team needs some defensive solidarity.

Pedri also has been called by his Spanish National Team in several occasions, Pedri is one of the best options Luis De La Fuente likes to play when he is Fit.

3. Gavi

A ruthless midfielder, the ‘hot-head’ talent is also a La Masia graduate. Gavi is known for his ferocious approach to the game, there have been times that Gavi has been criticised because of his game.

But he has that sheer willingness to go for the ball. 

He is known for his insane tackles, One of the most effective ball-winning techniques. He stands for his team’s defensive needs especially if there is the absence of Frankie De-Jong.

He was a crucial ball-winner for Barcelona in that 2023 season, Barca won that League against all the odds.

Xavi has tried to play Gavi very dynamically we often also see him playing far off in the left wing during the matches. As versatile as Gavi is there are still many areas he can improve but surely a legend in the making by Blaugranas

4. Pau Cubrasi

Known for his precise tackling and calmness when handling defence has sent Barcelona fans into a frenzy, because of the financial crisis Barcelona has not been able to afford big signing players and thus instead given chances to very young players

He has a different style to play regularly than other centre-backs in the team, Given his age he is very calm and has done excellent under pressure. 

His gameplay against Napoli has shown Europe exactly why players from La Masia are special talents.

In their recent La Liga Match, he has set a great example against a team like Athletico Madrid. His coolness to play from the back was the major reason he is much needed in that Barcelona defence.

5. Alejandro Balde

Balde has the talent to reach the topest of his level he has been of the favourite player of Xavi in that Left-Back Position. He did learn from the best as Jordi Alba was the player who was favoured in that position.

Often there are transfer rumors about Balde as he has been courted by many teams. 

He has a good defensive awareness, and his defensive capability is shown well when he presses against the opposition team.

A young Left-Back who likes to dribble too. His crosses have been pin-point and has been linking pretty well with the forwards. One of the profitable in this 2024 season from Balde has been Robert Lewandowski.

His physique is perfect for the kind of pacey role he plays for Barcelona.


With the legacy Barcelona has, La Masia has been able to produce absolute legends of the game right from Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, and Messi to tactical legends like Pep Guardiola. Barcelona is known as the powerhouse of football philosophy where they not only focus on winning but also winning by playing beautiful football.

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