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Brazil vs Argentina, Is this world cup going to be all about the south American teams?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Argentina vs Brazil

Brazil vs Argentina, the fixture needs no introduction in World football, the two great footballing nations have produced some of Best players in the game. Brazil holds the record for the most World Cup won by a single country. Brazil has 5 World Cup titles while Argentina lacks behind as they had won the historic cup only 2 times.

In recent years, Argentina has managed to reach the World cup final back in 2014 only to be defeated by Germany. However, Brazil has failed to reach the final since winning it back in 2002, coming very close in 2014 only to be thrashed by Germany with a Scoreline of 7-1 in the Semi-Finals.

This World Cup might be different though, Both Argentina and Brazil have a very strong squad on paper, With Argentina being guided by Lionel Messi, and Brazil by Neymar, both the country's main targets would be to lift the World Cup in Qatar this Winter.

Dramatically both have met in the Copa America finals, with Argentina coming out victorious against Brazil, Messi’s First International trophy, Argentina bagged one more International trophy by winning the Finalisimma against Italy.

With top European teams not looking sharp at the moment Brazil and Argentina look deadly on the pitch, Brazil won their friendlies against Tunisia with a comfortable margin of 5-1 while Argentina was able to easily dispose of Jamaica in a 3-0 victory. European teams like France, Germany, England, and Spain have not clicked very properly during their Nation League matches, with Champions France losing to Denmark

South American teams might take a closer look into European below-the-par performance, This might be the chance for both teams to pounce on the opportunity and get better off their European Counterparts.

Leaders of both teams


Messi’s determination to win this year is very high, Previous year had been Messi's worst year during his club career scoring only 6 goals, but best year in his International career.

It is no doubt that Messi is fully focused on the International glory with Argentina above all, he might just be using PSG as a pawn to be at his best during the Qatar World Cup. His performance against Italy was very impressive, Argentina quite easily displacing the European Champions.

He was also very Crucial for Argentina in their Copa America victory, given in stellar performance after another, though it was Di Maria’s effort the winning goal was scored in the final, Still Messi's involvement for Argentina was enough to reach the finals.

This Year Argentina has a squad and Messi is very influential within that squad they have formed a very special bonding between them which reflects their chemistry on the field. Messi has also developed as a leading figure, knowing this might be his best shot at winning the World Cup, he has come out of his reserved character and transformed into a Leader, No doubt Messi will be pumped for the World cup.


On the other hand, Brazil is not far as it seems from Argentina, Brazil has a squad which be the favourites to win the World Cup this year, and Brazil has an upper advantage going into the World cup.

Their squad seems to have more debt than any other International team, they have got world-class players for Every position, and that too in the bunch. Brazil has at least 2 quality players for each position which might give Tite a severe headache when it comes to team selection.

Youngsters Like Vinicius and Rodrigo are ready to pounce on any given opportunity, Brasil Squad has excellent Chemistry and team play is excellent which is again driven by Neymar.

Neymar is in Red-hot form for PSG too, He has goal involvement in 90% of PSG goals scored this season. He has been looking to make up his lost year targeting the Champions League and the World Cup with Brasil, he seems to be the best version of Neymar we have seen since arriving in the French capital. He has scored 11 Fgoals in 11 Appearances and Provided 8 assists altogether so far this season.

Neymar has adopted more of a central playmaker role, initially a winger his physicality has changed over the year, the pace might be gone but the passing and vision have been the main weapon of Neymar this season, he will be looking for that killer instinct in Qatar during the World cup.

Everything looking sharp

Nevertheless, It is quite safe to say this we might possibly see a Brazil vs Argentina final as the thing has folded and other teams for what they are capable of when it comes to the biggest stage, Brazil and Argentina look far good, sharper, dangerous, motivated than any other European National team going into the World cup.



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