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Can Liverpool still make it this season in the Premier League

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Liverpool FC

Well come on we didn't think Liverpool was going to start this season this bad, I mean they are well below the top teams right now, What is happening in Liverpool can be the season that will begin their downfall.

Liverpool has enjoyed their fair share of success, from the Champions League to the Premier League they have won it all, but in recent times Liverpool looks like a shell of their former self.

it just looks departure of Sadio Mane has a significant impact on the Liverpool Attack, especially on Mohammed Salah, who seems to have very little clue during the crucial parts of the match.

But not to forget this is the same Liverpool who had the same bad beginning during their 2021 season campaign, so what has changed that makes this year's disappointing start makes it scarier for Liverpool?

Jurgen Klopp's 7th Season Curse.

the Jurgen Klopp curse seems to haunt him very badly as we had seen with Dortmund and his beloved club Mainz, Klopp just switches off when it comes to his 7th season in his coaching history.

With Mainz he was able to win promotion to the Bundesliga, however, they were relegated during their first Bundesliga campaign, With Borrusia Dortmund Klopp managed to reach the Champions League Final but again failed to win it against the mighty Bayern Munich.

So now it might be time for his Liverpool days to be over, Not to forget he too lost his most valuable striker Robert Lewandowski to Bayern Munich after which he transferred to Liverpool.

With Liverpool Klopp has recently lost his most valuable Striker Sadio Mane to none other than Bayern Munch.

World Cup

Yes, To be honest, the odd timing of this year's World cup has put the Footballing world into jeopardy as, to comply with this odd timing the big Leagues have to run a very tight schedule to complete the remaining matches of the season.

With this, we are seeing a very fast and tight schedule in some of the biggest Leagues in the World right now.

With Every League focused on completing their schedule on time that is before the World Cup in November, we are seeing the games coming in thick and fast.

With a match every couple of days, we can the frequent number of injuries on the field, with many players even refusing to play due to the fear of injuries.

And this might be the same in the case of Liverpool players, they might be focused on being able to be ready for the world cup and not risk injuries hence lowering the intensity of the game. We might see Liverpool kick off once this world Cup gets over.

Bad Recruitment

Yes, Bringing in the likes of Darwin Nunez might not have been ideal for Liverpool, as Nunez has failed to create any impact on this Liverpool side as predicted.

His fellow competitor Erling Haaland with whom He was compared has started doing wonders for Manchester City, this might be the biggest fear and pressure for a player to endure seeing his main competitor doing extra-ordinarily well.

Liverpool also signed the likes of Arthur from Juventus thinking he might be better in the midfield but Arthur has been mostly injured failing to provide any quality to the team.

But with Liverpool Arthur might have an option to not sign him as he is on loan from Juventus, but with Nunez, they have already spent $100 Million Dollars.

An investment, Liverpool could have used for other players, but yes obviously Liverpool would not have predicted that Nunez might not have worked for them, But this is how an investment work, They work or they do not.

And with Players like Van Dijk losing form during the first games of the season might come as a surprise as Liverpool coming up fresh after the Champions League defeat would have been might hungrier that the Liverpool that reached the final.



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