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Can PSG go all for the GLORY?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

can PSG go all for glory?

Paris Saint Germain as we all know has been pumping in a lot of resources, They have been the epitome of money in modern football, with the club being run by the State of Qatar.

PSG Science after its big money injection has seen lots of success, especially in their domestic adventure racking up league titles after league titles, Cup de France, still, the French club to ever lay hand on the beloved champions League are Olympique Marseille.

PSG currently does have the resources to go all in for the Champions League, and the early indication seems to be very bright for the French Champions, newly crowned Champions they seem to put their unsuccessful 2021-22 season behind them, the main motive of PSG has always been the Champions League which everyone thought that was possible last year with theoretically having the best transfers in recent years compared to any other club.

They bought in players like Lionel Messi, Ashraf Hakimi, Wijnaldium, Gianluigi Donarumma, and Sergio Ramos, Surely bringing in names of these big stars to the team would mean success, Right? Well, No

Even after signing Players like Lionel Messi, PSG failed to gather its main objective of the Champions League, crashing out to Ultimate Champions Real Madrid. The same real Madrid team who were in their rebuilding phase.

It's not to whom they Lost, its how they Lost, PSG had a very comfortable margin of 1-0 advantage in the first half of the fixture, going on scoring the second goal by none other than Kylian Mbappe, but it all went downhill when Benzema scored that astonishing hattrick to complete Historical comeback against the French.

PSG’s young starlet Kylian MBappe was only the force truly determined to do something against the mighty Madrid.

It was the team not clicking on the very moment when everything seemed to wrap up for PSG, the pressure these matches bought was immense for players to bear.

Ultimately when pressure was this high they did crumble and crumbled hard, Noting it was also the first season of Lionel Messi in a PSG shirt, he attracted a fair amount of criticism from the media when he missed a crucial penalty against Madrid in that same draw.

The team's performance was overshadowed not only by Real Madrid's experienced Midfield but also by the likes of Young Midfielder Eduardo Camavinga and Fede Valverde.

The main focal point of that PSG team was the news of Kylian Mbappe wanting to leave for Real Madrid before that season which the PSG hierarchy refused to let go, Ultimately for them to draw the same Real Madrid team in the Champions League.

It might not have gone down pretty well with the PSG chief when he saw his most priced possession being in a team getting thrashed by a team which he wanted to join, Footage of PSG chief and Sporting Director have come out lashing out on Refree's after the match.

The 2021-22 season for Paris Saint-Germain can be called out as an embarrassment even after winning the League title, but their main aim of lifting the Champion League trophy remained unaccomplished.

PSG have been criticised on basis of the player’s out-of-pitch activity because of their bling-bling personality of players, Players are often criticized for partying hard and for their commitment to the game.

With, recent developments we have seen the transfer Drama of Kylian Mbappe who signed a new contract with PSG fending off Real Madrid's interest.

But is the contract beneficial for PSG? as it not only makes Mbappe the highest football earner in the world but also gives administrative powers to a 22-year-old? Whatever the motive, the PSG hierarchy didn’t want to lose their star man so easily.



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