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Can Real Madrid Win Treble In Coming Season's?

Updated: 3 days ago

Real Madrid has marked the signing of the best player that is currently available on this planet, with Mbappe’s addition to the team there is the vast possibility that Real Madrid will set its objective very straight, A sight that every Real Madrid fan wants to see, “the sight of Treble”, but of course winning a treble is not a joke or a game of luck, you need a team that is well organised and has chemistry that will well in knockout games and League games. 

But with the signing of Mbappe, there is a possible “hope” for Real Madrid to go for a dream that now looks possible. A hope that many Real Madrid fans dream of, An achievement that they were so close on many occasions. 

Is the Real Madrid team ready for the Champions League?

We have seen time and time again that Real Madrid has a special bond with the European Cup. They three-peated this trophy, An achievement that is equivalent to a treble. They have been so efficient in this tournament that they have hardly been defeated by any opposition when they reach the finals since the 80’s. Out of 18 Champions League finals they have managed to win 15 times, which is an insane success rate for a club, the only club next to them is AC Milan from Italy.

can real madrid win treble in future

Real Madrid has been heavily successful in the Champions League not just because of the great team they had but also because of the mentality they possess, the cracking mentality of this dominant Real Madrid side was borrowed from Mourinho’s era at Real Madrid. That team was the only one in the world who could look “straight into the eyes' ' of the dominant Pep Guardiola’s Barca. Mourinho’s Real Madrid was able to break the trend of the dominant display of Barcelona in Spanish football in early 2010 by winning the Spanish Cup against them in 2011, Real were also able to break the dominance and win the La Liga Title from Barcelona by a record winning 100 points. 

We saw in many current Champions League games where Real Madrid was on the brink of elimination but was able to get back and defeat the opponent, this was not just when Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale was there in the team, this never-give-up mentality was still there in this new generation team, we saw that with Rodrygo against Manchester City in the Champions League semi-final, against PSG, against Chelsea, against Liverpool, and Bayern Munich.

“Whenever anyone has doubted Real Madrid they have gone and won the Champions League”—a famous and accurate saying by one of Real Madrid’s greatest - Arbeola. 

What is Real Madrid's weakness?

Real Madrid's weakness is not a game or position but a whole league, yes Real Madrid is not efficient in league games and that has been proved time and time again, Real Madrid has never retained La Liga since 2007-08 season, which means they have not been able to win the league back to back like their arch-rivals Barcelona who has dominated La Liga by winning it 8 time in the last 10 years. 

Somehow Real Madrid has managed to three-peat the Champions League but could not even retain the title after winning it once. This might not hamper the aspiration to win the ultimate treble, but as a strong team, you need to be able to prove that there is no other team at least in your league to stop you for a couple of years. Barcelona did it back in 2009-2010-2011.

Can Mbappe Win the Champions League With Real Madrid?

Yes Of Course there is no doubt about this, “If not next season then another”. For the last decade, Real Madrid has been known as the “Galactico’ Club, The club splashed heavily in bringing the world’s best players, the signing of Zidane, Luis Figo, Ronaldo, Beckham, Cristiano, and Bale was a testament to it, but in the recent years Real Madrid has completely changed its transfer policy focusing on nurturing the talent than importing one. Brazilian duo Vinicius and Rodrygo are the perfect example of this, also players like Valverde and Carvajhal are someone Real Madrid have carved out themselves from their academy, Even though Real Madrid has not been at the level of “La Masia” of Barcelona but they have been excellent in craving and nurturing out the talent that has been bought to them. 

With already a winning team in 2024, they have accumulated top talents, especially from France, likes of Tchuameni, and Camavinga are an investment which might turn into millions now, this player recently has been able to reach the World Cup Final in 2022 with France and Mbappe was the centerpiece of that French team. 

Now that Mbappe has also joined Real Madrid this makes it no less than a FIFA Ultimate Team, with Vinicius and Rodrygo playing in the wings with Mbappe as a striker, Camavinga, Tchuameni, Valverde forming the midfield of this team with a solid defence of Eder Militao, Rudiger, Alaba, Carvajahal/Medny in the back. 

Real Madrid operated without a proper number 9 for the whole season of 2024. They had a backup striker that they signed in Joselu and he had proved to become “the best panic signing” in the history of Real Madrid and enlisted himself as the legend of Bernabeu. Not signing a main striker was also one the way Real Madrid lured Mbappe, making him realise that “he’s the one” and “only” Real Madrid as an Attacking option because you might notice even though Madrid signed Joselu he was not given the iconic “Number 9” jersey that was worn by Real’s main man “Karim Benzema” in recent times. 

Can Carlo Ancelotti win the treble?

All in all, they have a manager who understands these players and also knows how this team operates. Fans, pundits and journalists alike had been very quick to point out Ancelotti’s age back when he was reappointed as the manager of Real Madrid. They were sceptical given his age and his degrading quality in management which saw him as “Everton Manager”. 

can real madrid win treble in future

He had been an excellent appointment for Real Madrid at a very crucial moment After Zidane's departure there had to be a direction this Real Madrid board would have decided on from former players like Raul to former managers like Jose Mourinho, everybody was under the radar for Real Madrid but they eventually settled on Carlo because he had enough experience to nurture young talents and also managing big ego’s in the dressing room, In 2022 Real Madrid this exact blend in the dressing room with veteran stars like Modric, Kroos, Casemiro, Benzema, Carvajhal occupying that seniors positions and young Rodrygo, Vini, Camavinga, Militao occupying that junior role, A very well balanced team indeed. 

Carlo Ancelotti has been excellent in managing departing veterans and giving young players enough playing time. 

And now with Mbappe, there is a huge chance he just might have to do a few tweaks and twerks as this team is just missing a quality striker, if that position is fulfilled then there is a huge chance Real Madrid might be unstoppable for the next coming seasons. 

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