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Can we see Kylian Mbappe in that Real Madrid shirt in Near Future?

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

kylian saga

The latest interview from The New York Times after Kylian Mbappe's feeling of Real Madrid as a home, A statement that would surely trigger endless sleep nights for people in Paris headquarters comes out as no surprise.

Well, should we be surprised that Kylian Mbappe's desire to join Real Madrid, Real Madrid went all out this summer to secure what looked like a dream signing in the making with people in Madrid biting their nails off till the bombshell of the news broke out of Mbappe renewing with PSG?

It was quite a shocker for the football world, A magical union with Madrid seemed so possible until the contract thing happened, with Mbappe becoming a director at PSG he would look toward changing a few things in the French Capital.

Came in all the news of Mbappe being arrogant, demanding that the sale of stars like Neymar be sold out etc.

After his recent interview with the New York Times, Mbappe revealed the role of French President Macron in his decision to stay in Paris.

Well, for a 22-year-old getting a call for President does seem like a big thing. The pressure Mbappe might have during those last few days of making his decision might be enormous but did Mbappe commit a huge mistake by renewing with Paris?

Does this mean we could see Kylian Mbappe in that White Jersey shortly?

The break might have come sooner than we expected.

Yes now it is confirmed Kylian Mbappe wants to leave PSG as soon as possible, To be fair we all saw this coming from far away, Now with the reported bust-up with PSG hierarchy, Mbappe's connection with PSG is completely broken.

Mbappe should have accepted the offer Real Madrid put on the table instead of opting to sign for the Parisian much to the dismay of fans in Madrid. Real Madrid focused on Mbappe this summer and was met with utter disappointment when the Frenchmen chose to stay with PSG.

Mbappe was given the biggest contract in sporting history, A 300 Million deal which also made him the highest-earning footballer. He also received a role as sporting director for PSG meaning he could overlook the transfers PSG was doing. Surely giving a 22-year-old this much power was the recipe for disaster in itself too.

Yes, this might be PSG's greatest mistake they have ever made as giving 22-year-old power to change the sporting decision of a club can never sit well when you have big players like Neymar and Messi.

Even after all these privileges, Mbappe has failed to adapt with Messi and Neymar as he reportedly wanted the Brazilian out this summer, making Kylian Mbappe the sole leader of the team.

Now with the exclusive reports by Mario Cortegna, Mbappe wants out of PSG as soon as possible his trust being completely broken by the club hierarchy.

But for Mbappe, Madrid might be far away as the French club has strictly prohibited Kylian from joining Real Madrid any team but not Real Madrid, This might also be because PSG as said by many media houses now sees Madrid as their direct enemy.

So for Kylian Mbappe, his only option might be some Premier League clubs, which on the contrary might be good as we might be able to see Mbappe vs. Haaland in the Premier League.



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