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Chelsea can win it against Real Madrid and they believe they can.

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

chelsea vs real madrid

Chelsea has been drawn with the mighty Real Madrid in the Champions League Quarter-finals. This is the third time both of the teams are meeting one another in a Champions League knockout game, and there has been an interesting catch to it too. Since the 2021 Champions League campaign, neither of the team against the other has gone on to win the Champions League eventually.

Chelsea after beating Madrid in the semi-finals of 2021 and Real Madrid after beating Chelsea in the 2022 Quater Finals.

Let's be honest Chelsea is not having the time of their life with Thomas Tuchel fired at the start of the season Chelsea season has been utter chaos.

Todd Bohely went on maniac mode this transfer window to bring in the players to accompany the mass exodus of players in the summer, players like Antonio Rudiger, Christiansen, and Fernando Alonso all have left the Blue outfit to either join Barcelona or Real Madrid.

This can act as a main motivation for the players and the coaching staff by focusing all their focus on the Champions League Chelsea has nothing to lose

They sit 10th on the Premier League table very much outside the reach of the Top 4 winning the Champions League would do wonders for Chelsea as a whole as a new era would begin in Stamford Bridge with the Champions League win.

And as history supports it Chelsea has been able to win the Champions League even when they might not be the best team in Europe.

Chelsea has made a huge impact in the transfer market too, going for every available player out there, the addition has been of class players like Mudryk, Enzo Fernandes, Fofona, Jaoa Felix, Andre Santos etc. Each of these players has been bought for high-value money. they have initially risen from a stock of memes due to Barcelona last season to a serious contender.

The Biggest reason for Chelsea to believe is the recovery of Ngolo Kante. yes Ngolo Kante can feature against Real Madrid the French World cup winner gave a stellar performance against Madrid back in 2021, his absence was felt as the Blues dipped from the Premier League and was also washed in the Champions League.

Getting Kante back might also be the solution for the Chelsea attacking problems too, with so many attackers Chelsea has in their hands Chelsea has still struggled to produce goals Kante being a defensive midfielder by nature was also very crucial in the attacking Kante had that pure vision to play the passes many Chelsea midfielder just couldn't play.

The young talent in the team, Todd Bohely went on a spending spree this winter with the acquisition of €100 Million man Enzo Fernandes Chelsea has a world cup winner in them. Enzo had been exceptional for Argentina in the World Cup his performance had raised many eyebrows in Europe. Alas, it was Chelsea who was quick to the signing. This would be the perfect opportunity for Enzo to showcase his ability.



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