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Chelsea Struggling: Potter Under Pressure- Reasons and Analysis.

Updated: Aug 7, 2023


  1. Team Size

    1. Squad selection consistency issue.

    2. Team and player Morale

    3. Player Ego clash

  2. Potter didn't inherit the players from his predecessor at Chelsea that suits his style of gameplay.

  3. Todd Bohely's lack of vision as an owner.

  4. Lack of intensity and slow passing.

  5. Lack of a Pre-Seaon to experiment.


The huge squad size of Chelsea after so many signings not known to us whether properly planned or unplanned is causing problems such as consistency in squad selection as the manager is forced to strike a balance between consistency in squad selection and managing the ego of so many players. This ego clash is causing damage to the morale of players which is quite evident on the pitch if you follow Chelsea games despite of huge quality in their bench.

Favourable Players:

Many experts are having the opinion that Graham Potter didn't inherit the right bunch of players from his predecessor Tuchel that suits his playing style. This also points out to nothing thing about Todd Bohely's lack of vision, passion, and knowledge as an owner of football club that whom to appoint a manager who can work with the given bunch of players. On top of that the signings didn't help the manager but are causing more pressure on him because the player ego and team morale is coming into play.

Lack of Intensity on Pitch:

Talking of the in-game tactical faults, the intensity of Chelsea's gameplay is not good, caused by slow passes, fewer passes in the final third, and lack of will from forwards to put everything to score. These can again be connected to a lack of motivation and morale as discussed above. While building up from the back the Chelsea players are lacking the intent to play direct penetrative passes into the final third of the opponents which is allowing the opponents to fall back, regroup and thwart away any Chelsea attacking waves. Another observation is that Chelsea players lack intensity while pressing.

Lack of Pre-Season:

Definitely lack of a pre-season for Potter is making it difficult for him as he didn't get time to experiment and try out things. Now the amount of pressure and expectations from fans and boards don't allow managers to experiment with a free mind in between the season.

Pressure on Potter:

After a string of poor results, Potter must be feeling the heat that whether he will survive at Chelsea on not. The boards have publicly backed him but we don't know what's going on inside and definitely, the call from fans that why and how Potter is still the manager of Chelsea after so many costly signings must have gotten to the nerves of Potter & isn't letting him think freely.



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