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Does Liverpool have the best team in Europe?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

When it comes to European Football Liverpool can be outright brutal they have a history in this competition which provides them with a certain confidence and they have a different aurora during the tournament.

Liverpool is not shy of success in European stages with the Merseyside outfit bagging 6 Champions League trophies, the highest number won by any English club recently after some rebuilding phases, Liverpool is back in business with their recent European success coming in 2019.

Liverpool has created a hell of a team there is no doubt about that, with money they got from selling stars like Coutinho for almost $150 Million dollars, the club recruitment policy has been absolutely phenomenal, With the money being spent to bring on players like Van Dijk and Alison Becker.

Even before the Coutinho transfer saga, Liverpool aced their recruitment with the signing of players like Mohammed Salah from AS Roma and Sadio Mane from Southampton which proved to be a tremendous success for Jurgen Klopp's side, They might have gone on to win the 2018 Champions League Final had it not been for the injury of Mohammed Salah or the howlers from Karius.

Jurgen Klopp can be credited for the development of this Liverpool since this strong Liverpool side was not established overnight, As the team was in serious trouble back in the 2015-16 season, they were relegated to Europa League, In came Jurgen Klopp A Manager who took FC Mainz to Bundesliga and literally took Borussia Dortmund to the Champions League Final of 2013 which they, unfortunately, lost to Bayern Munich.

The famous howlers from Loris Karius worked as an eye opener for Liverpool, they searched for a replacement and got Alisson Becker to be the goalie of Liverpool. That Liverpool side which featured against Zidane's Madrid in the 2018 champions League was a strong Liverpool team after nearly a decade of shallowness, the same team went on to win the Premier League and the Champions League during their 2019 season

Now Accounting for the fact that Liverpool had not won the Premier League for several years the pressure on them to win was tremendous, they had a team that was strong in the ever category, A world-class manager in Jurgen Klopp, and with the fans backing their team in Anfield, it's like an extra point won already.

With a team that consisted of a deadly attacking trio of Sadio mane, Roberto Firmino, Mohammed salah midfield of Jordan Henderson, Milner, and defence as strong with Van ijk, Fabihno, Trent Alexander Arnold and Robertson running down the wings from the full-back position the team was a winning Formula but still, it did quite crumble against the might city atleast in the Premier League

But Jurgen Klopp's side was no match for might city in the Champions League, with Liverpool being in 3 out of 4 finals recently winning 1 while losing the other 2 to

real Madrid.

As the 2022 campaign was reaching its finale it looked Quadruple might have possible for the Merseyside outfit, Sadly only to crumble during the final games.

The departure of Sadio Mane from that Liverpool side would have rung alarm bells in the Anfield hierarchy as the player wanted a new challenge, it would surely mean a huge loss to Jurgen Klopp's side

It was clear that Sadio Mane's heart was no longer lying in Anfield whose departure looked imminent, but Liverpool doesn't seem to phase away from losing their key player as there have been signing of new players Luis Diaz was signed in from Porto, Luis Diaz a perfect Left-Winger really fit for high-press football.

With all the extra singings of Darwin Nunez it is still clear Liverpool is on the right track as they look for more European glory.

If we look into the current lineup of Liverpool then Jurgen Klopp still has a formidable team in his hand

current strong Liverpool starting lineup

Liverpool has more luck in winning the next Champions League than Premier League, the Final in Paris was not bad either for Liverpool, Liverpool did dominate the first half but failed to score in the chances they were creating, this Liverpool took patience to settle in Europe, with legendary Anfield behind they surely are the contenders for any competition they compete in.

Do you think Liverpool would win Champions League this season?

  • Yes

  • No


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