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Does Valverde deserve the Laliga’s player of the month award?

Real Madrid’s versatile player Federico Valverde has been awarded the player of the month for September. He has often missed the media spotlight, which often lingered over players like Gavi, Benzema, etc.

Valverde has been a crucial player for Real Madrid for the past few weeks in Laliga as well as in the Champions League. The most important thing he provides on the pitch is the work rate. He can keep running for 90 mins on the pitch and if called for another match he would probably be able to run there too. Not only work rate, but he also keeps the quality of providing assists and scoring magnificent goals which he did against Mallorca. In Laliga he has played 445 mins this season in different positions on the pitch, scored 3 goals, and provided 1 assist. His pass success percentage is 89.1 %.

If you would look at his play you would understand how good a player he is. His game style can't be put into words perfectly, hence you should look at his stats to understand his contribution per game.

It is evident that he deserves the award. Probably will get the recognition now which somewhere has been lacking till now.


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