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How Chelsea is teaching everyone a lesson?

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

The title might have rattled you, but don't worry I haven't got insane. I am well aware of the condition of Chelsea at the near end of this season. So here is a short digest of what happened: After Russia attacked Ukraine, Roman Abramovic the former owner of Chelsea had to sell the club because he is a Russian Oligarch, and sanctions were put on him from spending any money. Todd Bohely took over the club and carried out his master plan except there was no master's mind in the plan.

He sacked Thomas Tuchel the then manager of Chelsea who was doing pretty well if you combine his Chelsea record over the past 2 seasons. Chelsea kept on signing players & gave them long-duration contracts (8-9 years) with an extravagant amount of fees. Even for some positions, Chelsea signed 3-4 players and asked Graham Potter to give results who by the way was appointed by Todd after sacking Tuchel. Having so many players for one position within the dressing room and on such high salaries led to conflict and complacency within the dressing room which resulted in a string of poor results, such as the sacking of Graham Potter and Chelsea faced with the threat of facing relegation. Chelsea in the Premier League after playing 34 games has won only 10 games and lost 14. Maybe they will be able to avoid relegation but Chelsea finishing at the bottom half of the Premier League is something unheard of in the 21st century.

Chelsea has come to face such a situation due to poor knowledge of new club owners about managing a football club, managing to sign, the disastrous decision to sack Tuchel, make signings without the consent of new manager Graham Potter and then reappoint club legend Frank Lampard who hasn't have much success in his managerial career that includes his previous stint at Chelsea while coaches like Enrique who led Barcelona to famous treble in 2015 and was in charge of Spain National team in 2022 World Cup or Julian Naggels man was available.

While Chelsea's owners were making such absurd calls to make the headlines of the January transfer market many football experts predicted this might happen, and the dressing room might chaotic. This will set a big example for football clubs and the importance of carefully managing every step. All the high market-price signings are now kind of a burden on Chelsea as all of them are underperforming and there is no desire to prove on the field from the players. Now it will be interesting to watch what steps will the club owners take to restructure, rebuild the club and shake off these bad decisions the next season.

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