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How Liverpool Could Win Against City in their crucial Premier League Game

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

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Liverpool vs. Manchester City has currently taken English Football up by storm, With Liverpool, the only team that could match City's success in the Premier League, other Premier League teams are either in their rebuilding phase or are not doing so well in the League.

Liverpool might be all confident going into this fixture after their big comeback win against Rangers, but keeping in mind their Premier League record has been somewhat disappointing, losing to teams like Arsenal and Manchester United which many might not have predicted given their previous success and given Arsenal and united's struggle to keep up in the league

The Missing Confidence

There might be a new belief in the team given they are playing again Manchester City which recently has been "THE BIGGEST FIXTURE" in the premier league, The motivation accumulated in the team might have come to them after their crushing win against Rangers.

Mohammed Salah's Scoring hat trick might help him regain his form in front of the goal.

Liverpool still has a very powerful squad, The squad which was able to reach the finals of the Champions League last season, The only thing Liverpool is missing is confidence, Many Players have lost their form examples like Virgil van Dijk turning into Maguire and Trent's horrendous defending. this all particularly doesn't mean Liverpool has any significant fault in their starting lineup just shows the players have been underperforming.

The main reason might be Sadio mane's Departure from the club as Mane had been a very crucial player for Jurgen Klopp recently, Loosing him has an effect on the way Liverpool plays.

Klopp has to deploy his best 11

Keeping the pressure up Liverpool might go all out for glory, they have nothing to hold back against, if they don't win this game against City it might be too late for them to save the season.

Klopp will deploy his best 11 available for this match, Klopp might go with Firmino in striker than Nunez, Mohammed Salah in that Right-Wing position, and Jota down the left, Also they have Luiz Diaz injured which might be a big blow for Klopp because he was the man who was covering up for Mane in the left-hand side.

With the absence of Diaz, Jota could take that Left-Wing position, With the midfield potential players like Henderson, Tiago, and Fabihno Liverpool has that attack-minded Midfield option against Manchester City.

Main Liverpool's Target

Liverpool's main aim against City might be to stop Erling Haaland Erling Haaland has been the man for Manchester City. He is in unbelievable form and already on the verge of breaking records, A pure striker who if the ball is fed right usually ends up in the back of the net.

Van Dijk might be very important to mark Erling Haaland in their clash against Manchester City, Just like he did in the community shield.

Even though Van Dijk is also suffering from a bad run of form this game might be the perfect chance to redeem himself, Van Dijk has been the centre of many defensive errors this season leading up to goals, and successfully marking Erling Haaland might just bring his confidence back.

But is not just Erling Haaland Liverpool has to worry about, there are a host of players Liverpool has to keep an eye on if they don't want to go behind just in a couple of minutes,

Kevin De Bruyne is one of them, the prime supplier to Erling Haaland has been none other than Kevin De Bruyne in the City squad, the Belgian mastermind has been solid in providing assists to the Norwegian, Kevin De Bruyne's eagled eyes vision is no match and marking him also play a very crucial role.

If Liverpool managed to keep Kevin De Bruyne and Ering Haaland at bay then it might be all up for Liverpool against Manchester City because these two players have been the core behind recent goals for Manchester City.

Last but not least: the Anfield

Anfield also might just help Liverpool edge out Manchester city as the defeats against Manchester United and Arsenal came in their away games, as Arsene Wegner puts it it's very difficult to go to Anfield and win a point.

Anfield might need to create the best environment to support their team, A thing Anfield is very capable of, this might just help Liverpool give that extra bit of boost needed to go into a fixture like this.

Targeting Manchester City's Midfield, Marking Haaland, and just disbanding City's Possession game might help Liverpool triumph over Manchester City.



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