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India will play Singapore in Hung Thinh Friendly Tournament: Preview.

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

As the International break is underway, the Indian National team will play in the Hung Thinh friendly tournament, where the co-participants are Singapore and Vietnam. It would also serve as a preparatory match for India before the 2023 Asian Cup final stage. Where Vietnam is on a whole different level, thanks to their PVF academy which they opened in 2009 which caused drastic development at their grassroots level since then.

Probably Vietnam would be World Cup ready when their current junior batch turns senior.

Our discussion would be on India vs Singapore. Though Singapore ranks much behind India, as I say numbers don’t often reveal the truth. One point that can be raised to support such a claim like Singapore belongs to a much more competitive federation (ASEAN) than India(SAFF).

But hey we cannot also miss a point that Indian football has also grown technically and strategically. The Indian new generation players are tactical, technical, and physically much better than what we used to see or even have seen in the 2019 Asian Cup. Singapore is headed by a Japanese ex-N National who has an experience of 2 decades of coaching. Under him, Singapore plays quite aggressive football. But with the new generation players, India does have the chance to bag a win and show a good display against Singapore.

Those who have seen AFC Asian Cup qualifiers must have seen how improved football India played with the new generation of players. Moreover, with blessing, the Indian football season has finally expanded with the inclusion of the Durand Cup and Super Cup.

Durand Cup has already been played, hence the Indian players already have started playing competitive football and already have game time this season which previously we never used to see. Previously the National team players used to play football after huge gaps in competitive football.

The Indian players to look for in this friendly tournament are:-

1. Sunil Chettri- He may belong to the previous generation of players but he is the legend of Indian football. He has always been technically and tactically sharp as well as better among his generation.

2. Liston Colaco- A 21 yr old boy, but already a big name in Indian football. He has dribbling skills unmatched in India. People love to see his long rangers. He would be quite a player to keep eyes upon.

3. Antique Kuruniyan- A player who can give key passes, through balls, and provide a good work rate.

4. Sahal Abdul Samad- He comes from Kerala and is probably the best Attacking midfielder India has ever got. His composure near the goal is something to be adored.

5. Naorem Roshan Singh and Akash Mishra - Even in 2019 India couldn’t dream of attacking fullbacks. But things have changed over the past 3 years after Igor Stimac became the new head coach. He Introduced these tactical upgrades and now we know we have players to match those criteria. Helps in attacking, linkup play as well as in defense.

6. L. Changte- A creative right winger. People had hoped when he was playing at the Junior level but his unsuccessful stint in Chennaiyan FC made him look like a below avg player. But since he joined Mumbai things changed for good again. In this Durand Cup, his dribbling skills stood, scored the most goals in the tournament, and was very unpredictable from the right wing, whether he would cross or cut in.

7. Jeakson Singh- A very study guy, with good tackling and interception ability. He plays as a CDM.

8. Anwar Ali- A ball-playing center-back with good vision. India has few from that criteria. His Composure while defending is good.

9. Yasir Mohammad- A ball-carrying midfielder, box-box. Helps in the build-up, keeping possession, and has an eye for key passes.

All these players are technically better than most of those who played in the last decade for India.

My Starting 11:-



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