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Is Chelsea an Option for Ronaldo?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Was it a mistake for Ronaldo to return? What went wrong for the Five Times Balon Do’r winner, Will he be winning trophies again?

Well, Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't need any introduction he has been the most influential sportsperson around the world for at least a decade. His early Manchester days were enough to point out the potential he had.

After winning bucket loads of trophies for Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus he again finds himself in the club where it all began.

It was no surprise that Ronaldo chose to wear the Red’s outfit upon his return to England rejecting the likes of Manchester City who were in the race to sign him, giving his loyalty to the club.

After a fairytale story with Real Madrid, breaking records for highest Goal scorer of the club, Cristiano Ronaldo showed the world what he was capable of. Went on to win the Champions League five times, during 2017 Real Madrid was all about noodle hair Ronaldo.

Would the story be different if Ronaldo would have rejected that Manchester United offer and joined in for Manchester City. as the things stand there has been wild speculation around Ronaldo that he might be looking to leave if the right offer comes in.

He scored 18 goals for Red Devils during his return, 18 goals in the Premier League arguably the toughest League in the world, and he is 37. Many elite players would have retired at his age, Cristiano is scoring in the Premier League

Cristiano is a ferocious competitor, he lives for competition, however, Manchester United have failed to reach the most prestigious competition in world football, the champions League barely missing out on the top 4 spots of the Premier League.

With frequent errors for the team, Confidence could be seen fading away within that United team when the team was regularly thrashed by Liverpool, and Arsenal by the end of the 2022 season, Even mid-table clubs were banging in goals against that United team.

With the team’s failure to reach the Champions League would surely be looking out for some other options to play in the competition

Is Chelsea the answer

Though it’s Tough to answer looking at how Tuchel likes to play and an immediate absence of a striker this season in the Stamford Bridge outfit, probably, the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo would not come as a surprise

Chelsea has lost their own two main attacking players this season, Romelu Lukaku’s homecoming turned out to become very sour for the club and the fans, whereas Tim Werner has been bashed by the English Media for his inconsistency and dreadful finishing. Lukaku is back at Milan, whereas Werner is also back at his former club Leipzig.

With the main strikers gone, Ronaldo although 37 could fit in very perfectly in that goal-scoring position, However, there has been a superstitious belief of cursed Number 9 in Chelsea, but Ronald’s ideal number happens to be No 7, so he could dodge the curse if any.

By looking at how Chelsea plays, with Wingers like Raheem Sterling and Kai Havertz on the wing supplying balls upfront for Cristiano Ronaldo, Mason Mount in that Attacking midfielder position, Ngolo Kante and Jorginho as holding Midfielder, Cesar Azpeliqueta, and Recce James in that full-back area, and with Players Tiago Silva and Koulibaly as the Central defenders.

It would mean something this year If Chelsea could find a way to incorporate Ronaldo into their system.

Jorge Mendes is trying to figure out the best solution for his client, as a superagent, Mendes is various reports suggesting many clubs have reportedly rejected bringing in Ronaldo.

With the transfer market at the deadline, it remains imminent that Ronaldo could leave the club this summer.



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