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Lamine Yamal - Barcelona's Next Messi?

Updated: Feb 25

The 16-year-old has embarked on a stellar beginning to his professional journey, showcasing his talents both at the club and international levels.

However, drawing comparisons to the footballing legend, Lionel Messi should be approached with caution.

Lamine Yamal's potential sparked the Messi comparisons, fueled further by a photo circulating on social media, capturing a younger Yamal alongside a grinning Messi.

lamine yamal - Barcelona's answer

While the image is often romanticized as the meeting of greatness, it's crucial to acknowledge that Yamal is forging his path rather than emulating an existing one.

Barcelona's Quest For Next Messi

The quest for the 'next Messi' is a recurring theme in football, and Yamal has become the latest contender. A left-footed right-winger, celebrated for his dribbling prowess, low centre

of gravity, and precise passes in the final third, Yamal shares some traits with Messi. However, beyond these attributes, their paths diverge.

Yamal's promising start with Barcelona and Spain has been exceptional, but it's imperative to release him from the weight of the Messi association.

lamine yamal - Barcelona's answer

Unlike his predecessors burdened by this comparison, Yamal possesses a unique set of skills that should be allowed to flourish independently.

Xavi, Barcelona's manager, recognized Yamal's potential early on, integrating him into first-team training alongside established players.

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Lamine Yamal - Barcelona's Answer

Yamal's La Liga debut at age 15 marked a historic moment, showcasing his capabilities with Barca's senior squad. His subsequent performances garnered acclaim, including a standout display in the Joan Gamper Trophy against Tottenham.

While the Messi hype surrounding Yamal was inevitable, it's essential to consider his distinct position and playing style.

Comparing him to players like Bukayo Saka, who shares similarities in dribbling technique and goal-scoring ability, might provide a more apt perspective. If Yamal can emulate Saka's impact, it would be a considerable success for Barcelona.

lamine yamal celebrating goal

The pressure of being labelled the 'new Messi' has often hindered La Masia graduates in the past. Players like Bojan Krkic, Giovani Dos Santos, and Munir El Haddadi faced challenges in meeting the unrealistic expectations of the title.

Yamal, however, stands out as a superior talent, showcasing one-on-one ability, instincts in the final third, and a keen eye for passing.

Unlike his predecessors, Yamal operates in a position where Spain traditionally lacks depth — an athletic winger.

Shedding Messi's expectations is crucial for Yamal's development. Barcelona's current squad, featuring players like Raphinha, Ferran Torres, and Joao Felix, provides depth, allowing Yamal to grow without being thrust into the spotlight.

Xavi's Role in Development

Xavi's role in managing expectations will be crucial for Yamal's career trajectory. While external voices, including Spain's manager Luis de La Fuente and former Barca midfielder Rafa Marquez, have weighed in with their opinions, it ultimately falls on Xavi to guide Yamal and ensure the Messi comparisons do not hinder his promising career.

Xavi during press conference

In conclusion, the emergence of Messi-like comparisons for Lamine Yamal is a testament to his early success. However, the challenge now lies in mitigating the pressure associated with such expectations and allowing him to carve out his unique and impressive career.

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