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Lionel Messi and PSG - Recent updates and rumours as Argentine looks towards PSG departure

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Lionel Messi on PSG

The transfer Market is hot right now, and all the speculation that built this up has caused major gossip and rumours around the footballing world. After days of rumours and talks, it is finally confirmed that Lionel Messi and PSG might be parting ways and this is brokered again by none other than famous transfer window journalist Fabrizio Romano.

Fans have gone wild after this tweet of Fabrizio Romano confirming that Everything between PSG and Lionel Messi is Over.

The most delighted are Barcelona fans as arguably their Best Player ever has a potential chance of reunion this summer, and speculation and rumours point out that Lionel Messi might be heading towards Barcelona once again.

So what happened between PSG and Messi?

Well, we can say that it was coming, The main focus of PSG recently has been winning the Champions League they have dominated that French Ligue. Europe is what mattered to PSG the most.

This ambition of PSG has not been fulfilled even after signing Lionel Messi, However, it has gone worse for both parties as PSG has been knocked out twice in the round of 16 of the Champions League with a humiliating defeat to Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. The fans have completely turned against the South American duo of Lionel Messi and Neymar. The Ultras have been very brutal to Lionel Messi this season booing him in every home game possible.

Recently PSG ultras have even marched up to the offices of Paris Saint Germain demanding changes in management and this march Lionel Messi was again heavily targeted by degrading chants.

Their lack of concentration in the League this season is also a factor as they recently lost humiliatingly against Lorient at home with a scoreline of 1-3 to Lorient

Lionel Messi missed the training and broadened the flight to Saudi Arabia to promote his role as the Brand Ambassador of Saudi Arabia. This however is said to be done behind PSG's back as PSG who is Qatari Qatari-owned club has some diplomatic unrest with Saudi Arabia, also because they suffered a defeat against Loreint in their Home stadium and everybody was said to be present for the training the next day.

The situation has escalated quickly as PSG is said to have taken firm steps by suspending the Argentine for 2 weeks.

What has been done by Messi and his Entourage

Lionel Messi was seen just a couple of days before in the Barcelona airport with more than 10 bags which does indicate a different motive for the Messi family this time around. Messi and his family is no doubt lover of Barcelona as the Argentine himself has grown in the city so visiting Barcelona was not something uncommon for Messi's family. However, this time they seem to have taken a different route from the airport to reach their destination This move many have speculated was because he didn't want to see the potential media and paparazzi which is mainly done by celebrities who land in a particular city for high-level talks.

Just after news of suspension broke out another news broke out that Messi and his entourage have finally informed PSG hierarchy that he won't be renewing with the French Champions for the next season.

It is speculated that Messi is keen to join Barcelona again as his bitter departure in 2021 was seen by many fans as a disgrace to the club. Fans themselves are set on a mission to unite Barcelona and Messi as numerous times fans have been heard chanting the name of Lionel Messi in the 10th minute of a Barcelona Home game.

As the situation stands many Barcelona media outlets have also started confirming the rumours about the potential comeback by Messi and "works are done behind the scenes". The La Liga president Javier Tebas also seems keen on having Lionel Messi come back to Barcelona.

Is Barcelona only the option for Lionel Messi?

Lionel Messi even tho 35 has a massive pull. A sportsperson of his status is not at all unprofitable for any franchise. Messi T-Shirt sale alone can create huge revenue for a club.

As news breaks out Lionel Messi has many offers on the table. A keen interest from Barcelona, Inter Miami and Al-Hilal.

With Barcelona only problem seems to be the registration, as Barcelona themselves are in a financial mess which Laporte has to some extent has been able to control but signing and giving a salary to a person with a stature like Lionel Messi is a different thing, there are also many speculations that Messi is ready to decrease his salary to join the team but La Liga registration might be a problem as recently they have also faced registration players like Gavi.

Al-Hilal seems to have a deep interest in signing Lionel Messi also because Lionel Messi is the brand Ambassador of the country and also because Ronaldo his arch-rival plays in Saudi Arabia. The Messi-Ronaldo rivalry is one of a kind, with the capability to divide the whole world into two, A couple of matches between Messi-Ronaldo can be a huge pull in terms of viewership and engagement.

It is said that Al-Hilal has offered Lionel Messi a contract of more than 300 Million. Surely this is a huge amount of money At last it does depend on Messi if he wanted to put pen to paper.

Inter Miami's interest in signing Lionel Messi has been only verbal as no major building has happened in this case, and by the looks of it, Messi might not be so keen to move to North America.


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