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Lionel Messi - "Real Madrid Is The Best Team In the world"

In a recent interview, FC Barcelona legend Lionel Messi acknowledged that Real Madrid is currently the “best team in the world.” He clarified that if we consider results, Real Madrid holds that title, while in terms of playing style, he favours Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City. Messi’s statement aligns with Real Madrid’s recent successes, including another Liga-Champions League double. His praise for both teams reflects his respect for their achievements and playing philosophies.

Lionel Messi says this about Real Madrid

Lionel Messi also discussed the possibility of reuniting with Neymar and Luis Suarez at Inter Miami. The trio, famously known as MSN, created magic on the field while playing for FC Barcelona. Neymar eventually left for PSG, and now Messi and Suarez are together at Inter Miami, enjoying success both on and off the field.

Messi revealed that he, Neymar, and Suarez maintain a group chat and communicate frequently. While Neymar is currently under contract with a Saudi Pro League team until mid-2025 and recovering from an ACL injury, Messi acknowledged that a reunion at Inter Miami is unlikely. However, he hinted that the future is uncertain and anything can happen.

Now if we take a look at Argentina's national team then

Argentina can still win the Copa america this season as the team looks to prepare for the competition, One thing that best suits this Argentina team is how closely their teammates are with each other, A real team bonding is one of the special reasons Argentina national team has been able to gather this much success recently. 

A significant factor in this team's chemistry is the presence of Lionel Messi. Scaloni noted that Messi's status as the best player in history inspires his teammates to give their all for him, contributing to a unique and powerful team chemistry. This admiration and dedication towards Messi enhance the overall bond within the squad.

All the bunches of players you see in that national team members have idolised Messi and want to see him lift every trophy available on the international stage. These players have grown up watching Messi becoming their hero and so there is a level of outstanding respect and love for Lionel Messi in the team.

Furthermore, Scaloni emphasized the close relationship between the coaching staff and the players. He described how their proximity and mutual affection influence the team's performance, with personal issues affecting everyone deeply due to their strong emotional connections. The coach mentioned that while the roles within the team are clearly defined, the level of affection and mutual respect is extraordinary, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

Scaloni's approach to coaching, which involves being deeply involved and emotionally connected with the players, has created a family-like atmosphere within the team. This bond, combined with the players' dedication to each other and their reverence for Messi, has been a significant factor in Argentina's success on the global stage.

You have players like Enzo Fernandes, Emi Martinez, and Rodri de Paul who have penned emotional messages for Messi after many final defeats for Argentina. 

You have seen the team flights recently when Messi was in some alcaterion with the opposition the whole team came to defend their legend, 

This Argentina team feels connected both and off-field. They have an excellent coach who understands what this team needs and which direction it should be headed. 

Copa America itself cannot be easier this season as Argentina has two biggest tests in Brazil and Uruguay but also improved teams like the USA and Mexico, but you cannot say anything in football what we see on paper isn't always proof that this is what is going to happen. 

Messi has nothing to prove as he has won everything he has ever dreamed of with Argentina and club football, this might also act like a big plus as there is no pressure at all for them to win things anymore. Players can be way more relaxed and mind their way throughout the tournament.


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