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Manchester City and Liverpool ahead of Real Madrid in Best Club of the Year rankings

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Manchester City

Yes, Manchester City has won the Best Club of the Year award against Real Madrid and Liverpool. The title-winning club secured a maximum of 93 points to secure the Premier League.

Manchester City had been in there to form recently, with their aim also being European Glory, Manchester City failed to pull something against Mighty Real Madrid in the Semi-Finals losing in Santiago Bernebeu.

Although European success has been hard for Manchester City they surely have known the secret formula to dominate the Premier League, Under Pep Guardiola Manchester City has been a strong force in the Domestic Leagues.

However, Manchester City only managed to win the Premier League last season, they missed out on the F. A Cup, League Cup and the Champions League, a quadruple dream which was shattered. On the other hand, their nearest Rivals Liverpool had also a decent amount of success last season.

Ahead of Liverpool and Real Madrid?

Liverpool bagged in both League Cup, and the F.A, but missed out on the major ones like of Premier League and the Champions League trophy.

ironically Liverpool was also beaten by Real Madrid in the Finals of the Champions League. Liverpool remained the biggest contender for the Quadruple as they had already bagged two Titles, they lost the Premier League title on the Last of the League burying the chances of winning the Quadruple.

The rivalry and the battle for the title till the last day were appreciated by football fans all around the world with a dramatic end to the Premier League.

When it comes to Real Madrid they have won it all, Real Madrid had arguably one of the Best Champions League Campaign last season, even at the beginning of the season Real Madrid was never the favourite to win the Champions League, the prediction might also be due to Real Madrid being in the transition period after major shift n their transfer policy.

The rise of Karim Benzema last season also had a very great impact on the Real Madrid season.

Real Madrid not only bagged the Champions League trophy but also bagged the La Liga Title, they only missed out on the Copa del Rey, They also bagged Copa De Espana, but winning these major title was not enough as Manchester City were awarded the Best Club of the year award in the Balon Do'r ceremony raising the eyes of many.

Karim Benzema won his first ever Balon Dor, he became the second French to win it after Zinedine Zidane in this new century. however, the performance of the overall Real Madrid team was not enough for the trophy.

However, Manchester City had the most Balon Do'r nominees with 6 Nominated for the balon D'r award. which had been the main criteria for the award.

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