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MANCHESTER HEAVEN - Erling Haaland Opens his account

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Manchester Heaven

Did we really doubt Pep Guardiola and his men against Crystal Palace today? we know they might have been demotivated by their draw with Newcastle earlier this season but come on,

The first few minutes showed us the real passion of what the Premier League was all about, The intensity shown by Palace resulted in the first Goal by City's own player Stones, with a thumping header scored later on by Anderson of Crystal Palace.

it seemed City was once again ready to be grounded by Palace again showcased by recent historical travels to Etihad but were City really in any doubt with the constant pressing of players forward and with a much more aggressive approach from all the city Players by the second half,

The breakthrough was deemed to come, and the chance flew in during the 52nd minute when Bernardo Silva blasted past many Place defenders to score a thumping brace, the game was on.

it only took Erling Haaland only that small opener to show the world why he was often regarded as the future Balon Do's winner and went on to score the hat-trick This match was all really about Haaland's prowesses in front of Goal.



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