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Manchester United Stops Arsenal’s March: Antony gets his debut goal!!

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Tonight probably eyes were on Manchester United vvs.Arsenal with early predictions being Arsenal winning the derby and continuing their win streak to 6 matches. But the results must have shocked many all around the world and the Arsenal fans felt how unlucky they were.

Yes, if we look at the detailed stats any person with football knowledge would say Arsenal deserved the win but my friend, football can be harsh and comes with lots of surprises and to be honest it isn’t uncommon. The witness of last year's Champions League final would agree with me.

Though United was not able to play a beautiful brand of football, they weren’t at all absent from the field. As Arsenal fans would claim they didn’t win due to luck. United was able to play quite a few ddefence-breakingkey passes from which the last 2 goals happened and all the 3 United goals exposed one thing Arsenal is aisvulnerable at the back which can be a worry for them as the season proceeds and fatigue kicks in within the team.

On the ball Arsenal’s midfield was more qualitative and creative when compared to their counterpart but United off the ball left channels open only a few times and even those chances for Arsenal hit a dead end because of the quality shown by the United's current defense lineup for the last 3 matches. Lisandro Varane and Malacia Dalaot had a great game in short. Rashfort scored a brace with Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes came very close to scoring the 4th and 5th on two occasions.

Soon a detailed match analysis will be dropping for today If you are a United fan enjoy your best night of the year so far and to Arsenal fans for sure AArtetawell oiled skilled, coordinated Arsenal would be coming back with a bang! In the next game,

Signing off for now….


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