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The Asensio Rumors

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

There have been rumors of the Spanish forward who prefers to play as a “Forward Right” or at the Attacking Midfield” position of leaving Los Blancos at the end of this season in 2023.

Marco Asensio was an integral part of Zidane’s Real Madrid but under Ancelotti, he seems to have fallen out of favor. Asensio has only played 12 mins this season in la Liga and only 48 mins across all competitions. In the past two seasons he got ample game time but his goal contribution was too less. So it seems Florentino Perez is not keen to extend his contract beyond 2023.

In that context, there have been rumors of Asensio being linked to several clubs and why not, who wouldn’t want a player of his caliber in their club? Of course when it is Real Madrid the performance expectation from fans and management remains quite high . Under such huge expectations, many players crumble and fail to become consistent performers in the team. One more thing about Madrid is they don’t prefer the Attacking midfield position and Asensio is a natural AM player. The same fate was faced by James Rodriguez in Real Madrid for almost the same reason. Asensio is just 26 and has almost entered the peak time of his career. So probably it would be good for him to move away from Bernabeu.

Asensio was linked to Arsenal from the beginning of this season only but the move didn’t happen as Perez could convince him to stay at the club for another season. But now it seems both have come to a conclusion that it would be better to part ways the next season. A transfer request for Asensio from Arsenal or any other club in the winter window after the world cup may not be so surprising anymore. Recently, the football fans have been taken by shock after the rumors of Arch rival FC Barcelona’s interest in Asensio came out. Just hours before Asensio has also responded to such rumors, which Fabrizo Romano reported.

If this would turn out to be true then Arsenal would be facing stiff competition from football giant FC Barcelona the same way we saw Chelsea had to leave the pursuit of defender Kounde when Barcelona stepped into the market to sign him. For now, Asensio’s move to Barca neglecting Madrid fans seems bleak and also good news for Arsenal as they can further strengthen their squad in their process of rebuilding. AC Milan has also been linked to the forward right as they are probably willing to sign the Spanish National before the beginning of next season on a free transfer as Milan aims to regain their lost glory at the domestic and European levels. Hence Arsenal would have to hold on to a good position in Premier League, also perform exceptionally in Europa League, and secure a Champions League spot if they want to keep any realistic hope alive of signing Asensio.



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