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Messi has a good chance of winning the 2022 world cup.

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Lionel Messi

Messi might have a very good chance of winning the World Cup in Qatar. with his determination for PSG in their recent matches it does look like the Argentine wants to leave no chance of winning this year's world cup.

This year is a completely different story compared to the previous years of Argentine football. The fresh winners of the 2021 Copa America against Brazil, and Argentina have gained that extra boost going into the World cup.

Even after reaching so close to the Final Match against Germany in 2014, Argentina missed out on winning the trophy due to a goal from Mario Gotze. Messi came so agonizingly close to lifting the trophy with a team which might not be up to Europan standards.

This year Messi has a good team in Argentina, it is not just the team this year but it does look like they are bonded with an emotion. A brotherly feeling is seen in the Argentine camp, looks like the whole of Argentina's team has groped together for the sole motive to lift Lionel Messi as the World Champion.

With bad team selection, Messi had to cope with failures throughout his international career. The first horror show came during the 2015 Copa America penalty shootout, Argentina lost to Chile consecutively on penalties denting his hope to lift an International trophy. The 2018 World cup too was more or less a horror show for the Argentine as the team looked so disorganized they risked crashing out in the group stages.

With major breakthrough for Messi came in 2021 when he lifted the Copa America with his teammates. We could see that the Argentine team gave everything to Messi, on the other hand, Messi gave his best performance throughout the tournament winning the man of the match several times.

Not to forget this is the same Argentine team one year later, with more belief than ever, and given the situation of their European Counterpart, Argentina could be left out solely against their South American rival Brazil to lift this year's World cup.

Given Messi's influence in Argentina's National team, it is hard to wrap around the fact that the whole team came to defend against Messi in that match against Jamaica, it is this very feeling between teammates which might be the missing puzzle for Messi to win the World cup.

With his last chance being only this year World's cup Messi knows how important this whole tournament can become for his career The last shot at World glory before retiring.



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