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Neymar to Barcelona? What are the possibilities?

Neymar to Barcelona

Neymar to Barcelona might be THE biggest story of the 2023 Transfer window if the deal goes through. The former Barcelona hero turned villain looks to revive his career after stagnating years at Paris Saint-Germain.

The way Neymar left Barcelona still is a tough pill to swallow for those who love Barcelona deeply his departure created a huge backlash in Barcelona which saw May turning very negatively towards the Brazilian star.

But the money would be of no use as Barcelona splashed that money on players like Phillipe Countinho and Dembele. A desperate attempt to sign Neymar's replacement, after 4 years it is safe to say those signings didn't work as expected.

Neymar to Barcelona development?

Of course, there is no fire without sparks, Neymar's rumours of return have been there since he left the club in 2017, but the fresh rumours have been sparking as now PSG themselves have been keen to sell the Brazilian.

The main event that triggered this is the departure of Ousmane Dembele to PSG, as the French star looks to move forward after his underwhelming spell in Barcelona.

Irony is Dembele was signed to replace Neymar and now Neymar might be signed to replace Dembele.

The way Neymar left Barcelona might be the only thing that is very haunting for the culers overall Barcelona board doesn't seem to have a problem with Neymar returning to Barca. The main man who seems to have a problem with his return is Xavi.

Xavi sees Neymar as a distraction in the dressing room, It is speculated that Xavi and his team fear that Neymar's presence in the dressing room might be a problem to the team's environment.

Financially there is no way Barcelona can afford Neymar's salary, If he takes a pay cut then it might be possible for Barcelona to sign the Brazilian star.

But the transfer market is still open and given the historical record of the deadline day transfers anything is possible in the future.



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