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PSG defeats Marseille but what does it mean for the Superstar trio?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023


PSG won against Marseille, A crucial match for the Christophe Galtier side, It was again his superstar trio were making the tricks for the PSG count, there might be very big speculation surrounding the future of Kylian Mbappe but it didn't hamper his performance as he assisted Neymar Junior for the winning Goal.

PSG this season has been firing on all cylinders, In the Ligue, PSG has made a comfortable lead with quite a margin, But PSG still lacks the play when it comes to facing the Big Boys.

As we saw against Juventus, Even though PSG won that game it might not look convincing at all, at the way PSG was playing It should have easily scored 4-5 goals against the struggling Juventus.

When it has come to the domestic League PSG had the upper hand since they have the strongest squad on paper. A superstar trio of Messi, Neymar and Mbappe should be enough for the French side to dominate the League.

But keeping in mind PSG's main aim this season has been to Lift the Champions League, Performance in League might affect in the way PSG plays in Europe. In the game against PSG did not dominate possession at all with 49-51% in favour of Marseille the Parisian didn't actually dominate their opponents.

Absence of Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos was absent from the game, Recently suspended for a foul play, Sergio Ramos has been the heart of Defence sts PSG, the Spanis Defender has been at his very best after the injury. absence of Sergio Ramos was felt as many defensive mistakes were shown by the PSG side.

Sergio Ramos has also been able to price to be the leader of the team, making up play and going up against the opponents.

Possession Play?

Now with the team, PSG has got, Paris should at least take hold of the ball more than Marseille at least in their own half, , Looking dangerous in Counter Attacks, PSG can break forward very easily, the main tactics Galtier have deployed against Marseille.

Playing on the counters might be good but does it really bring that team chemistry to the PSG squad? A note that Messi and Neymar come from Barcelona are Possession dominated team, How they have played in PSG hasn't reflected How they were at Barcelona with Messi often losing the ball when PSG counters because he still holds that trait of holding the ball instead of passing it forwards as soon as the Counter starts.

Losing the ball might not be ideal as Big teams in the Champions League can exploit every bit of mistakes done by the opposition.

With the PSG superstar trio holding onto the performance and all the media reports pointing out an expected departure of Kylian Mbappe from Paris, It might be difficult for the trio to come on level terms and work together.



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