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M for Madrid, M for mentality monsters!! Valverde, Vinicius , Rodrigo toyed Mallorca.

Photo by - Simon Reza, source- Unsplash.

From the whistle, Madrid was the dominant force in the game allowing Mallorca to sit back and defend for most of the game. In the early quarter, most of Madrid's attack was building up from the left-hand side with quick linkup play from there. Dani Ceballos put the first shot on target after carrying the ball from the left to the center of the pitch and took the shot outside the 18-yard box. Then came the beautiful curler from Vinicius Junior which whistled past the post.

Mallorca got a freekick near the Madrid penalty area and converted that set piece into a goal, thanks to a great header from V. Muruqi. Mallorca's goal came totally against the run of play but it was not too long when before half-time Real Madrid equalized. Federico Valverde carried the ball from Madrid’s defensive third to the final third just outside the penalty area past 4-5 Mallorca players and took a shot through his left foot, as the ball hit the left top corner of the net.

Madrid started the 2nd half in the same way with domination and a beautiful curling effort by Lucas Vazquez from outside the 18-yard box went whistling past the post. In the 72 min, Rodrigo went past 3 Mallorca players and carried the ball from midfield to the 18-yard box where he beautifully linked up with Vinicius Junior. Vin Jr dribbles past 1 defender to the left and slotted home using his left foot. Rodrigo created the 3rd Madrid goal opportunity in the half-space on the right-hand side of the pitch, where he went past 4 Mallorca players, dribbled 2 inside the 18-yard box with composure, and scored with all his calmness. The move was so smooth it felt like he had memorized it before leaving home. The 4th goal was scored by their new signing Rudiger in the added time.

Rodrigo by numbers.

Well, can we conclude that players like Vinicius Junior, Rodrigo, and Valverde are ready to carry the legacy of Madrid, are ready to carry the mentality of Madrid?

Hala Madrid!!


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