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Real Madrid Transfer status: what can we expect from Real Madrid in 2023

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Real Madrid transfers - What can we expect from the Champions?

Real Madrid enjoyed a very successful 2022 campaign, winning the Champions League for a record 14 times, and bagging 35 La Liga titles, it was the perfect season for Los Blancos in every way possible.

Now as big the Real Madrid Franchise is the biggest point about them is their mentality, How many times did we see Madrid behind in their Champions League campaign, Against the biggest teams in their away games, they were nowhere close to the best team, but they turned around things very quickly.

This year they would surely plan on building a very dominant team

During this transfer window, we haven't seen too much engagement from Los Bloncos in transfer, the only focus this season was Kylian Mbappe after the most dramatic transfer saga in Transfer Market their main target Kylian Mbappe decided to stay in Paris disappointing a large section of Madrid fans.

Kylian's rejection however triggered Real Madrid into signing players whom they thought would act as a backup signing in case of emergency.

As soon as the Mbappe deal was off, Madrid was very quick to jump into the transfer market for reinforcement they saved money from mbappe's transfer, they bought Aurélien Djani Tchouemeni from AS Monaco, a gem of a player,

A big heads up came with the transfer of Antoni Rudiger, A beast of a player for Chelsea, taking up that Center-Back role in Tuchel Chelsea he was a key part during their Champions League campaign of the 2021 season

But we knew this transfer was coming as the negotiation between players and Clubs had well advanced early in 2022

We might have thought we could some more transfers coming in the way of Real Madrid but virtually there were no more transfers for Real Madrid

Carlo Ancelloti seems to retain in the starting 11 which won him the Champions League and La Liga, with Benzema and Vinicius upfront clicking in goal why would any manager in the world change that

With the transfer market now closing in there haven’t been any talks about new signings but the departure of Big names from the club

Reportedly players like Asensio, Mariano Diaz, and Vallejo, had been told to find a new club pretty soon.

We are well aware of what Real Madrid can do, even in their rebuilding phase Real Madrid has bagged the Champions League, what can an established Real Madrid team would do?

Real Madrid has lots of Youngblood running in their veins, they have changed their policy from bringing in Galactico signing to depending on and developing young players.

Players like Vinicius, Rodrigo, Camavinga, and Valverde somehow reflect this very changed Madrid mentality in the transfer market.

Real Madrid has a very balanced team of Young and experienced with the likes of Luka Madrid, Karim Benzema, Tono Kroos, and David Alaba they have a bunch of Veterans too. With young energy flowing in Real Madrid and with experienced players guiding these Youngsters Real Madrid is again dreaming of lifting the prestigious Champions League again, with the hashtags of Aporla 15 it seems that Real Madrid is already planning to bag the trophy.


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