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Ronaldo scored 700 club goals and United take 3 points with a narrow 2-1 victory.

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Manchester United

Yesterday all eyes were on Ronaldo, with speculations before the match whether he would be able to score his 700 club career goals as in the midweek, the United forward was left goal drought against Omonia despite getting so many chances.

Ronaldo didn't start against Everton yesterday. He replaced Anthony Martial at around the 27th min as ETH took the decision out of Martial frequent injury concerns as well to give Ronaldo the game time looking at his age.

Ronaldo didn't disappoint United fans, ETH as well as himself as he finally scored his 700th goal past the Everon goalkeeper from the edge of the 18-yard box what you would call a calm and composed finish when his long-time teammate Casemirosnached the ball in midfield during an Everon buildup and set Ronaldo up by a direct through ball. Everton's defense was caught off-guard and Ronaldo scored on the break.

The first paragraph may sound very positive but united's start was not that impressive as despite having most of the ball and passing in the opposition's half United was often clueless in Everton's final third and every build-up was ending fruitlessly.

The situation became more frustrating when Casemiro got diss-possed from a bad pass to him and Alex Iwobi scored as Everton successfully capitalized the United's mistake in the midfield. Soon later United found a reply as Antony scored and became the first United player to score in all of his first 3 games for the Red Devils.

The goal happened from a bad touch of Everton midfielder as Bruno Fernandes easily stole the ball, passed it to Martial who gave an assist to Antony and Antony slotted it home using his left foot inside the 18-yard box.

United was majorly having the ball, but Everon was countering in patches from United's miss-pass and United looked quite clueless in their attack in the final third a problem United has been facing for a long and ETH needs to find a soln soon if they want to compete in European level again.

It was a minute before half-time when Ronaldo gave United the lead and Casemiro got his first Assist in United shirt.

After the break, United went defensive as Varne and Mc Tominay came in place of Antony and Eriksen. United switched to back 5 and was successfully able to tackle all Everon attacks keeping the scoreline at 2-1 after the full-time whistle.

Everton had 1 shot in the first half and 10 in the second half compared to United's 8 in the first half and 4 off-target in 2nd half

tells how much United went defensive after the break.



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