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Ronaldo to leave United in January Transfer Window?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Manchester United

Things started to heat up in Old Trafford when Ronaldo walked off to the dressing room before the final whistle of the match when United had the better of the game as they defeated Spurs by 2-0 with a dominant performance and probably the best under Erik Ten Hag. Sancho, Rashford, and Antony started as the front three in the game. Ronaldo was seen warming up at the end of the first half as well as in the second half but he was not called by the manager. He walked off the sidelines before the final whistle.

Over this incident, fans got divided as core United supporters felt it was disrespectful to the club and unethical on the other hand Ronaldo fans thought and expressed the opposite on social media as a player of his caliber is not being started in most of the matches by Erik Ten Hag. What made the fans more angry is that Ronaldo was asked to warm up but still not called by the manager and then United fans blamed Ronaldo who alone pulled the club last season.

Ronaldo to Leave United - Consequences

After the matchday, the United management has taken up the decision to suspend Ronaldo from the next Chelsea game on Saturday 22nd October for showing unprofessional behavior. United's social media handle reported other players are focused on training.

Anyone, to be blamed?

Actually, from a neutral point, no one is to be blamed for the incident and there are two reasons for that:-

  1. Under ETH it seems United is starting to get some grip on the game, especially after their performance against Spurs. But it may be too early to tell as well as United players have a history of inconsistency. Though the signings made by United in the Summer transfer window have not been failures till now, a clear change from what United has been suffering since Sir Alex retire.

Moreover, ETH is a manager who likes to have full authority in the dressing room and feels no player should be above the manager. Previous United managers after Sir Alex failed to impose such authority, which is considered to be one of the reasons for United's downfall since Sir Alex left the club.

As under ETH till now United has shown slow improvement, hence the United board has decided to back the manager in this situation despite Ronaldo being the Elephant in the room. ETH has been saying he decides the starting XI and substitutes according to the nature of the opponent and the way they play in the match. His policy of deciding who plays has been totally tactical rather than depending on big names.

2. Ronaldo has been going through a phase of a goal drought at the end of his career, a situation to which he is not accustomed to. He has always been the Golden boy/ The Man of the team. But his frustration for lack of a goal as well as game time under ETH till now triggered such a reaction. Ronaldo highly believes in professional ethics and he gave a statement, respecting the club and fans, the next day on behalf of his behavior in the match.

Ronaldo to Leave United in January Transfer window?

Is Ronaldo to leave United? Before the season began, ETH has always said that Ronaldo is going to be a key man in his project at Manchester United. But it seems that the Dutch man's tactics are not favoring Ronaldo so well. If things are going to be like this then it's better for the club and Ronaldo to come to some middle-term and part ways, to save the former glory and relationship Ronaldo shares with Manchester United, when Sir Alex bought the boy from Sporting Lisbon at the age of 18, who went on to become a star of the generation.

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