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Sadio Mane Transfer

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Sadio Mane Transfer

Sadio Mane's transfer from Liverpool was seen as one of the transfers that were destined for greatness. We mean why not? He had been excellent in Liverpool and there was no question he was One of the Best World footballers at Liverpool. The front three of Mane, Firmino, and Salah were mesmerising to fans as they won trophies and made Anfield come alive again.

But as all the great things came to end this partnership too as Liverpool announced the transfer for Mane to Bayern Munich.

At Munich, expectations were high and Bayern were heading into the season without their main striker Robert Lewandowski this time who had been transferred to Barcelona. With Lewandowski's transfer, Bayern was losing a player who could score around 30-40 goals per season.

And Sadio Mane's transfer came on the perfect occasion. Bayern needed someone who could live up to the standards of Lewandowski and Mane would be the perfect answer to it.

So what went wrong with Mane?

Well given the season stats Sadio Mane has been extremely poor throughout the season, The task to replace Lewandowski didn't even occur as Chupo Moting outshined Mane as the main striker. Sadio Mane's role at the wing also came with no fruition as the Senegalese forward was unable to replicate his Liverpool form.

Firstly there were rumours about feuds with the manager as Mane thought he was being played out of position. Sadio's Mane position at Liverpool had been that Left-Flank but that was where Nagelsmann was playing him Bayern so what was the position-fued all about?

There were also feuds as Mane angrily confronted the German coach in front of the squad for lack of playing time. Although this argument might have taken place during mid-season as Bayern were struggling to keep up with Dortmund.

The main incident occurred during the Manchester City clash with Bayern Munich as Mane had been reported to hit Leroy Sane and left the latter with a bloodied lip. The teammates had to separate the two of them as a heated argument ensured. The feud is unclear but it is being speculated Mane misplaced several key passes to Sane who was motivated to do well against his former team.

The media made a big headline out of this, which prompted Bayern Munich to take some action initially denying the fued in the squad Sadio Mane was hit with a fine for punching his teammate.

Media also has been one of the main factors Mane has endured a difficult time in Germany as media has constantly targeted him for his underwhelming performance, Recently there has been a video circulating in the internet of Mane where he shuts down a reporter after a reporter asked some questions. He reportedly said"

"you kill me every day now you want to talk"

This came as a big blow for Senegalese as he was out of action for quite some time as an environment of hostility towards Mane brew in the Bayern squad with some reports indicating several players had asked Bayern to terminate Mane's contract.

His overall stats for the 2023 season don't at all reflect the footballer he was at Liverpool there have been desperate calls from even the fans that he should call his time in Bayern Munich to end.

In 2023 for Bayern Munich Mane had altogether 37 appearances where he scored just 11 times and assisted 6 whereas in his last season in Liverpool he had scored 23 goals in 51 appearances.

Where could Sadio Mane go?

Sadio Mane is still a great footballer with a doubt All he lacks is confidence as with every other footballer at some point in their life but will staying at Bayern Munich for another season give his charm back?

A question every Mane fan would be asking as there are clubs who want to sign the Senagelese International and one of the clubs is from Saudi Arabia.

Al-Nassr has reportedly approached Bayern Munich for Sadio Mane. Al-Nassr has offered €40 million to Bayern Munich and an annual salary package of €40 million to Sadio Mane. Given that Saudi Arabia has been a chosen destination for some of the players there is quite a chance Mane will accept the offer. There is also a chance where he can play with Ronaldo upfront as a striking partner but who knows these are rumours in the daily transfer market but the final decision is always from the player.



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