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Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Do you know Brazil has its own Football World Cup? Brazil's connection to football is more than a century old. A country that is struggling with development parameters finds itself at the top of the Football charts. A country where people pray football, people sing football, people dream football. Most of the Brazilian Footballers come from its slums, outside of the big cities of Rio, Sao Paulo, etc. These slums are actually the core of the rich football culture in Brazil. These slums have their own World Cup, which produces top players from local talents.

TACA DAS FAVELAS is the local name by which these world cups are known. FAVELAS means working-class people who live in slums, outside the main cities. This is one of the popular tournaments in Brazil. This tournament among the locals is not just considered as a game but a symbol of unity & respect. In 2022 it is happening for the 10th time.

Happens at an interval of 4 years as the FIFA World Cup happens. It last took place in 2016, but the 2020 edition got postponed for the Pandemic.

CUFA is the organizing body for the tournament, but this tournament is beyond CUFA if the local organizing body fails to organize an edition the locals organize this tournament & according to sources locals organize this tournament with more efficiency and passion than any formal organizing body. Locals of the slum often take things into their own hands because this tournament means many things to them.

This tournament is an identification of their passion, a symbol of their unity, and nonetheless contributes hugely to the rich football heritage and culture of Brazil. Before each game of the tournament starts, everyone from the outfield players, and the subs to the coaches and staff are included in the team photo, which doesn't happen in professional football. This shows the tournament recognizes and displays everyone who plays a part, making Brazil's football culture inclusive and friendly. Young Players give them all because they play for the prestige and identity of their own slums. From this tournament, scouts pick players, who go on to make big names in club football and professional football.

In 2022, the tournament happened in Realengo, outside Rio. The small stands of the stadium outside Rio City were packed, banners were flying high, drums were banging, and loud cheering could be heard in support from the local spectators. This tournament has been the stepping stone for many young Brazilian talents and maybe the 2022 edition will give Brazil their next Neymar. This tournament is also sometimes known as Favela World Cup, enjoyed by the Favelas of Brazil.

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