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The Madrid Derby

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Madrid Derby

Real Madrid played out Atletico Madrid in a 1-2 win for Los Blancos, We might have seen this coming.

Atletico was constantly out pressuring the Madrid backline but to no avail to penetrate that backline, If you don't take chances against Madrid that it might hurt you badly, we saw this against Liverpool in the Final.

Like Madrid was just sitting back soaking up the pressure, and then suddenly when the opposition would lose the ball. A quick counter-attacking would be launched.

I think we saw exactly that in the Madrid derby with Real Madrid just sitting back soaking up the pressure and hitting the opposition on the counters.

Real were comfortably leading by Half-time with a 0-2 scoreline, Vinicius looked lively down that wing Although he managed to beat Oblak the shot was deflected by the woodwork, which was ultimately smashed in by Fede Valverde.

Fede Valverde has been that bright spark for Madrid's defence the 24-year-old has been involved in most of the Real Madrid goals this season,

He looks to have infinity energy, with his printing prowess and passing play Real Madrid did manage to open up the Atletic's defence a couple of times.

Goals coming in from Rodrigo Goes with a fantastic over-the-head pass from Tchoumeni, and a second put in by Fede Valverde.

Hermoso was able to somewhat bring back the scoreline in the 88th minute with the ball being deflected by his shoulders on the back end of Courtois.

For the sometimes now Real Madrid looks very comfortable without Karim Benzema we thought his injuries might be a reason for Madrid to drop points, But this Real Madrid team looked very comfortable without the ball.

Benzema had been a type of player for Madrid who drops deep, gathers balls from defenders and plays it forward, drifts down the flanks created chances for Vinicius with the link-up play, With the youngsters taking over this season, especially with Fede Valverde's improvement on the ball, It might look like it would final years of Benzema in Madrid.

Real Madrid's approach against Atletico was excellent, Madrid knew they would attack given the weak point in the Madrid team as appointed out .

Tempers did flare at the end of the Madrid derby when Hermoso was sent off after a foul on Ceballos, where previously he was booked for a reckless attempt to tease Dani Carvajal.

In the absence of Benzema Atletico attacked with Madrid on defence significantly taking the toll on Atletico's backline with the pace of Vinicius and Valverde

they could exploit easily.


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