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This is the Arsenal team we wanted! The Arsenal we know.

Updated: Jul 27, 2023


Growing up back in the day, I am pretty sure you might have heard about Arsenal being the best team in the early 2000s'. The invincible team literally didn't lose any match while lifting the Premier League in 2002.

Well, the generation today hasn't seen that Arsenal, we haven't seen the charisma of Thierry Henry, We haven't seen the technical bliss from Wegner, What made Arsenal so successful back in the days, We don't know.

But right now might be the right time to see what Arsenal was like back in the day, who remembered those days back in 2016, and 2017 when Arsenal was literally struggling to qualify for the Champions League, not saying that they still have qualified for the Champions League but you can see where the team is heading into.

What Arsenal has in their hands is a bomb that is ready to go off in the Premier League, what from I have seen they have this pinpoint balance in the team, and the biggest trait this Arsenaal team has is its age. These are layers who are barely in their 25s, I mean we can imagine what it might be like in the coming days.

The trust Arteta has built into this team is phenomenal, I still remember pundits branding him a wannabe type of Pep Guardiola, Of Course, he did have his coaching roots with Pep,

Arsenal Hierarchy did exactly what most of the hierarchy failed to do when they saw their team struggle, They stuck with him, that trust enough might be enough for Arteta to make changes and that trust must be enough for Arteta to build that same trust with his players, and that same trust is what's reaping fruits for Arsenal.

Can someone argue today saying Arteta might not be fit for Arsenal, very few possibilities, What would have been if arsenal might have actually sacked Arteta? surely they still are some manager who would get them a winning start at first and then just again being back to that same Arsenal again.

I am not even claiming that Arsenal might even become champions this season in the Premier League, but the sheer fact that they are right now able to match the intensity with manchester City speaks volumes.

With youngsters focused purely on development, Mikel Arteta has been able to give the Londo club their certain identity back. As said earlier, It is again thanks to the Board that they were able to put their trust in Arteta, supporting him while going against their star players like Aubameyang, or Mezut Ozil.

Experience with Pep Guardiola comes with its own advantage, It becomes certainly impossible to ignore the traits Mikel Arteta has in terms of developing the players, Martin Odegaard can be said as another example, After his chapter in Real Madrid ended it was certainly over for young Norwegian but no, Arteta was able to find his own Kevin De Bruyne in him.

You can probably laugh right now as Arsenal winning run and their top of the premiership might also come to an end but giving these players just a couple of years to develop, Arsenal might have a real treat with their squad.

You can bet your money on Arsenal as they might be the team to challenge for the Premier League Title after Manchester City in the coming years.



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