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Top 3 things we learnt from Real Madrid vs Sevilla

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Real Madrid has been recently the driving force in La Liga, with the victory against their arch-rivals Real Madrid seems to have gotten really strong after winning the Champions League for the 14th time in Paris.

Real Madrid met with Sevilla in their La Liga fire with large speculation looming over Benzema over his recent injury which he picked up during training, Los Blancos has to play without their main Balon Do'r striker, but as expected Real Madrid looked comfortable with Karim Benzema.

With Madrid boy Isco back in Santiago Bernebeu it was a special moment for him as going against their former teammate might have been hard.

With Real Madrid's home fixture against Sevilla, these are the three things we can make out.

1. Valverde is the Man

Valverde has been the main man after Karim Benzema this season, his rise is somewhat identical to Vinicius during last season, The Uruguayan has been nothing but exceptional for Real Madrid.

Valverde is a perfect replacement for Toni Kroos for Real Madrid, with vision and accuracy Valverde also has powerful feet and stamina, not to mention his incredibly versatile player

Valverde can play in any position the coach wants him to play, from defence to midfield or Attack you name it, he has played in all positions and excelled too. He covered that Right BAck area when Dani Carvajal was not available, He was also important playing down the Right wing in the Champions League Final against Liverpool.

Valverde being a midfielder has already scored 8 goals this season and some of his goals re worthy to be the goal of the season contender, Also scoring against Sevilla Valverde's form remains unmatched.

2. Real Madrid can function without Karim

Real Madrid can function without Karim Benzema, taking an example of the previous season Real Madrid was heavily influenced by Karaim Benzema, he was the leading player who made Real Madrid click, without Karim Real Madrid looked clueless just running around passing the ball to nothingness,

Their debacle against Barcelona in Santiago Bernabeu can be sighted as a perfect example of how Real Madrid looks without Karim Benzema.

this season however it is a different story, Real Madrid looks very comfortable without Karim too, with Rodrigo taking place as the Number 9, he has often delivered what Carlo Ancelloti has asked of him.

With the simultaneous rise of Valverde, this has been the right path Real Madrid has taken to make a team that is not dependent on a single player for results.

3. The perfect balance

Real Madrid boosts the perfect Balance of veterans and youngsters, Real Madrid's system has allowed their payers to grow in such an environment that they have the core players in the centre who are the main driving force behind the development of the youngsters.

Players like Luka Modric, Toni Kroos, Karim Benzema, and Alaba are the main players who have experience in the top flight football, just by looking at it anyone can understand the success behind the recent Real Madrid

They have got experienced players playing in every position, for attackers, there is Karim Benzema, for midfield there are Modric and Kroos, for defence there is Alaba, and these are the players who are not egoistic when it comes to teaching the young.

Therefore it leads to an environment where young players won't feel down or depressed by seniors and could ask for advice whenever needed.


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