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Top 4 Premier League Predictions - Who will win the Premier League in 2024?

Updated: Feb 25

As we are through the 11-game mark, Here are the top 4 Predictions from Remember these predictions are nowhere accurate we have come up with this list according to the data that has been generated through these 11 opening games.

Here are the Premier League Top 4 Who will win the Premier League in 2024 -

1. Manchester City

who will win the premier league in 2024 - Premier league predictions
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Manchester City are the favourites to win the league this season too as they have a solid squad. This summer they had major changes as the Veteran midfielder Ikay Gungdoan has left City for Barcelona. Ikay was a key player for Manchester City last season as the Blues won the historic treble with the German.

The Position for Manchester City might also depend on the fact that Kevin DeBrune has been absent frequently this season as he is suffering from injuries. Debrune injury has also impacted the play for Manchester City recently. Nevertheless, the squad depth of City is so good that they can afford to even miss players like DeBrune.

With no injuries, the squad Pep Guardiola has in his hands is rock solid there is a solid chance City will win the Premier League again.

Title win Percentage - 75% out of 100

2. Arsenal

who will win the premier league in 2024 - Premier league predictions
image - wikipedia

Not mere on papers “The Underdogs” the resurrection of Arsenal under Arteta has been talked about a lot recently. Arsenal was very close to winning the league against Pep Guardiola’s team. Surely this Arsenal team ought to get revenge as they look forward to a Premier League battle. Arsenal has brought on reinforcements this summer in Declan Rice. The former Aston Villa Midfielder has been top of the world after winning the UEFA Conference League with Aston Villa.

Arsenal’s team looks quite strong this season too as they have a very young blood, Players that are hungry for the title. Given Arsenal can avoid Injuries they have that squad to win the Premier League this season.

WIth the lesson learned the previous season Arsenal has enforced a lot in its aquad during the summer transfer window. Again, If Injuries are preventable we have a mouth-watering Title Race in our disposture

Title win Percentage - 55% out of 100

3. Liverpool

who will win the premier league in 2024 - Premier league predictions

As Liverpool has progressed from last season there has been a significant change in the squad as the World Cup Winner has joined the squad from Brighton. The team looks way more organised this season than compared to last season. The departure of Mane has really hampered the team as they finished outside the Top-4 Last Season.

There is a lesson to be learned from Liverpool as seen from the previous season as the season progressed there has been a change in the way Liverpool has played. The beating Manchester United endured during the last season ended by winning with a 7-goal margin says it all.

Hence Jurgen Klopp took time to adapt sudden change with the departure of such a key player but they did recover. Mohammed Salah looked quite out-of-form last season but this season he looks very sharp in-front of goal. MacAllister has been a major inclusion in the team as the creative midfielder has been brilliant at the Anfield so far

Title win Percentage - 45% out of 100

4. Tottenham Hotspurs

who will win the premier league in 2024 - Premier league predictions
image - wikipedia

Harry leaving Tottenham has been a blessing in Disguise for the North London Club as currently after 10 games they are sitting at the top of the table with Arsenal at second. Son has stepped up massively after the departure of Harry Kane. Ange Postecoglu has done a fantastic job at Tottenham and he might secure the top-four spot very easily this season. But this Tottenham team still lacks that hunger to go for the Premier League title, But they have a good squad to challenge for the Top 3.

Even though there is a good chance Tottenham can finish in the Top-4 Premier League this season but we shouldn't forget how luck plays a crucial role sometimes. Focus has been removed from an individual player and a team is currently at the helm at Tottenham

Title win Percentage - 30% out of 100

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