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Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Why Real Madrid can beat Chelsea in champions League

Real Madrid is to face Chelsea in the Champions League Quater-Final it is pretty much the same fixture we had last year and with Chelsea struggling heavily this year can Real Madrid grab the opportunity and beat Chelsea again?

Here are the top 4 reasons why Real Madrid could beat Chelsea in the Champions League

The Confidence

The utmost confident team when it comes to the Champions League, Real Madrid is a whole different team when it comes to the Champions League, They have a different aurora. Los Blancos suddenly seems like a team that has never tasted defeat and would not throw in the towel until the last moment.

Real Madrid has given us the most thrilling Champions League campaign by far in Europe last season when they defeated the likes of PSG, Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool in the final to get crowned the 14th Champions League.

Real Madrid has struggled in La Liga this season and Barcelona has a comfortable margin over them Carlo Ancelloti might have given the Champions League a priority. Real Madrid also has a history of winning it twice a year under Zidane.

When it comes to Champions the fans also play an equal part for Los Blancos as Santiago Bernabeu was able to create the most euphoric atmosphere last season which definitely worked for the Home team.

The experience in this Real Madrid team

The Experience Real Madrid boost is like no other team starts from the manager Carlo Ancelotti who has such an experience when it comes to the Champions League. With AC Milan he was somehow a victim of that incredible Liverpool comeback in Istanbul, but the Italians were able to get their revenge during their 2007 Champions League Final.

Carlo Ancelotti was the one who gave Real Madrid their 10th Champions League title. The La Decima was celebrated by every Madrid fan around the world. He was also responsible for the incredible Real Madrid campaign of the 2022 Champions League.

Players like Luka Modric, Toni Kroos, Karim Benzema, and David Alaba has been the main forerunner for the Italian coach, while Luka Modric looks younger the more he plays.

The addition of David Alaba has been a huge plus point for Real Madrid as the Austrian left the Bavarian outfits for a new challenge, Even though upon arrival he was given the legendary No 4 of Sergio Ramos but David Alaba has proven to be worthy of that number.

With Balon d’Or winning players like Karim Benzema Real Madrid has that attacking power that it takes to beat the likes of Chelsea with Karim Benzema scoring outrageous goals during the 2022 Champions League campaign.

Real Madrid's young Players

Young players also have been a huge plus in recent years for the success Real Madrid had. With Real Madrid adopting a policy of nurturing young talents players like Vinicius, Rodrigo, Camavinga, Tchoumeni, Militao, and Valverde have been actively recruited.

With Vinicius junior being the main player among them, No doubt Vinicius Junior comes amount the top 5 Best players in the world. His performance against Liverpool had gathered praise from all around the world. Vinicius has outrageous talent his solo goal against Manchester City has to be some of the best solo goals in the recent Champions League.

Likewise, players like Camavinga who has a bench role are also very significant. A very versatile midfielder Camavinga was the mastermind coming in from the bench last season to take Madrid out of the puddle his performance against Manchester City was one of a kind, the crucial passes played by Camavinga made that Real Madrid comeback against City possible.

With the departure of Casemiro to Manchester United Real Madrid did bring in the replacement of Tchuameni, who had been very good for AS Monaco the Center-Defensive midfielder has traits somehow like Casemiro. His role might turn out to be the main factor against Chelsea.

Chelsea struggles

No doubt Chelsea has struggled this season, currently sitting in the 10th position Chelsea finds itself in a situation it might have not imagined back in 2021 after winning that Champions league with Thomas Tuche, but things have changed pretty quickly for the Blues with the new owner in Tod Bohely the club is headed to a different direction.

With Chelsea looking to come out of their struggle it might be the perfect time for Real Madrid to hit the hot iron with full force and grab the opportunity. Right now Chelsea is nowhere even within the top-4 reach and with the American owner spending more than $500 million in transfers Chelsea also finds itself between the cusps of financial trouble if things didn’t work out.

And it does seem like Potter still has got his ideal starting line-up with so many players to choose from.

Real Madrid also had experience playing the Blues in the previous season where they came out victorious but that Chelsea team was much more balanced than the current Chelsea team, the 2022 Chelsea team had the likes of Antonio Rudiger and Timo Werner.

Yes, Timo Werner might not have been impactful for Chelsea in the Premier League but he was crucial and put up a fantastic performance against Real Madrid in that near Comeback match last season.

If Madrid plays its cards right then this tie must be Real Madrid’s for sure.



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