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UCL Inter VS BAYERN: Match Preview

Source - Unsplash by Brendt Dittrich.

The 2022/2023 season’s top European football is back, whose opening song sends thrills down the spine every time you hear it. Top teams from each team would be competing against each other. Such will be the likes of Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, Liverpool, etc.

Though Inter Milan has lost its past glory over the past decade, over the past 3 seasons they are trying to rebuild the club again towards its former glory. Inter had faced Bayern back in Champions league in 2010 & 2011 and on both those occasions they had defeated Bayerns, including a final.

This year though the story is different and Bayern is the obvious favorite. Bayern has dominated their domestic league and also on the European stage in Inter faded away in the past decade. Bayern has the likes of Muller, Gnabry, Mane in their attacking line up who have been ruthless in their domestic performance so far. Though it is still early, judging on the no. of games played Inter Milan has been average.

How Bayern Can Hurt Inter?

Both have been trying to play possession-based football but, Bayern is better at that. They play on shot passes and attack down the wings with more focus on the right as match data shows. They are good at creating chances by through balls and given Mane on the forward the Bayern attack becomes a huge threat to any defense in the world. Chance creation through individual skills to long shots has been no less qualitative for Bayer. On the other hand, Inter’s tackles have been not impressive at all this season, with poor interception rate. As the ball would start rolling it will become more clear.

Is there any way for Inter?

We have very little to talk here. Inter also play with possession and shot passes, but following this game, style can prove fatal for them against Bayern. So far this season Bayern has been good at stealing balls from opposition and given their quality of attack Bayern can hurt Inter badly on the counter. So Inter should play off the ball, on the break and still, they can fear Bayern from all sides. Inter have been good at winning aerial duels and that has been weakness of Bayern. Inter may like to play on long balls, win the aerial duels and 2nd balls, only then they can have some control of the midfield and disrupt Bayern’s play. Time couldn't have been any worse as Romelu Lukaku's injury may fall upon as a big curse on them. But we never know what might happen as football is full of surprises and that's why we love the game.

How many will Bayern probably score?

  • 2 Goals

  • > 2 Goals



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