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What can we expect from the Champions League football this night?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

As the Champions League campaign goes officially underway today with the first matchday of the 2022-23 campaign, the Champions League is back and is back with a bang.

Every year the top clubs from the top-flight leagues go head to head to battle out for the most prized possession in the world of football the mighty Champions League, With real Madrid being the current champions there is no doubt that other European clubs would put in their everything to win the competition.

This year though, there seems to be a wide variety of favourites to win the competition, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Barcelona, PSG, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Chelsea would go head to head for the prestigious European glory.


he first most anticipated matchday of the Champions League is none other than PSG vs Juventus, PSG goes head to head against the Italian giants Juventus.

PSG has an exclusive target of winning the Champions League, Every year they pump in money and various resources to win the prestigious Champions League

This year is no different with PSG going to take on Juventus, An inform and the very devastating front three of Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi, and Neymar early waiting to lay hands on the trophy.

with the addition of Sergio Ramos, A beast who has won several Champion League trophies with Real Madrid to lead them Iys a new era under Christopher Galatier destined to change things at PSG and bring on the Champions League glory to Paris.

With Old lady finally losing its top dominant position in Italian Football, Juventus would also be looking for European success, their star signing Di Maria who is a former PSG player would know the strength and weaknesses of his former side.

their star striker Dusan Vlahovic seems to help Old Ladies to regain that dominant position back.

Although PSG looks to have the upper hand in team selection as they look to hunt down the competitors for the quest for European glory.


The second most followed match would be Celtic vs Real Madrid, the champions sitting currently on the top of their league travel to Glasglow for their crucial UCL clash against the mighty Celtic.

With Real Madrid losing Casemiro in this year's transfer market to Manchester United, Ancelotti would also look to five his star signing to play in that Central Defensive role.

Carlo Ancelloti seems to look forward to squad rotation with him giving chance to the young blood of the team

however, it wouldn't be a surprise if Carlo attempts to use the same lineup he used in the previous Champions League campaign.



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