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what is going on with Juventus? The fall of Old lady?

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Not long ago Juventus was the biggest European Powerhouse, They have unmatched success in Serie A winning titles after titles but recently Juventus looks like a shell of its former self.

A team so wonderfully crafted that they used to bring in players for free and turn them into world-class stars.

Right now things look quite the opposite with players in very poor form losing out to newly promoted teams like FC Monza.

Why Juventus is performing so Badly?

So Many things have played into account for Juventus to end up playing this badly their very recent game ended up in a defeat to FC Monza, With all due respect to Monza, A newly promoted club with little or no experience in the top Italian league.

Monza had lost every match this season winning only against Juventus, Although Juventus were down to 10 men when DiMaria was sent off following his red card incident involving Armando Izzo.

But 10 men Juventus would surely have enough experience and will to over challenge such as to defeat a newly promoted team. Had it been the Juventus of 2018 or even 2019 they would have easily butchered Monza even with 9 men on the field, That was the status of the Late Juventus team

Everything has come down in recent years the most likely hit the club took was when the Coronavirus pandemic hit, The club's revenue at that point was at standstill with virtually no money flowing the hierarchy found difficulty in paying for new signings.

Covid-19 didn't only hit Juventus many clubs have been financially affected due to Covid Crisis, but the management is what all matters. clubs like Barcelona went virtually went bankrupt during the Covid times.

Did the Project of winning the Champions League hurt Juve?

The project of Winning the Champions League meant the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo was not at all cheap for Juventus with a signing fee of $100 Million, Juventus and Ronaldo embarked on a new challenge of bringing the Champions League trophy to Turin.

The club had ambitions back then, The old Ladies were in constant battles with other top European teams for the European Glory, hence signing of Ronaldo meant a great expectation for Juve for the 2019 season.

However, Juventus failed to achieve European glory, Even after the heroics of Ronaldo for Juventus against Atletico they were beaten by the young ajax team of 2019.

Juventus went on signing players like De Legit for quite a heft sum of $80 Million from Ajax who failed to make any significant impact on the team and went on to join Bayern Munich in the 2023 transfer window.

It is safe to say after splashing in cash hoping for European glory Juventus's quest with Cristiano Ronaldo came to an undesirable end

Is Bad recruitment and Injuries ruining Juventus' season?

There has been a significant amount of Injuries this season for Juve, With main players like Federico Chiesa and Paul Pogba injured. Paul PObga joined his old team during the summer of 2023 summer transfer for free reuniting with Juventus Pobga was expected to become one of the leaders of the team but has been sidelined through injuries.

Their recent run of poor form can also be linked with injuries among their players, Even with the availability of World Class players such as Di-Maria, Paul Pogba, and Chiesa Juventus had not been able to count on them.

Their recruitment over the year also has been bad with Juventus bringing on players like Adrien Rabiot, and Arthur Melo, and letting go of players like Pjanic, and Dybala.

There are still a significant amount of games to be played throughout the season and counting Juventus off just because of a Rough start would not be fair.

Is it really over for Juventus?

Looking on the bright side, Juventus were able to lose their Champions League game with only one goal difference Juventus was able to find goals against that PSG defence even with a significant amount of injuries, but their top players couldn't even compete in that fixture, This might give confidence to Juventus as they might slowly would able to give a big surprise to Europe.

They have players to turn the tide around, Vlahovic on the goal is a threat itself with services from Dimaria and uninjured Pogba and Fedrico Juventus could make a great comeback this season, however, their concerning factor might lie in their defence as the departure of veterans defenders like Chellini would surely take a toll for the Old Ladies.



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