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Who will Win the Euros 2024?

Updated: Jun 30

There are top teams from around Europe battling out for the trophy but there can be only one winner and with one knockout game passed we can make out where the team stands,

Here are the top 5 teams that have the chance to win the Euros

5. Portugal - 

With the team lineup built up of superstars, there is no doubt about the potential this team has but it depends on how the new coach Roberto Martinez plays them, with a more rejuvenated attack and team play shown by this Portuguese team they have vastly improved from that disappointing Counter-Attacking gameplay from the last World-Cup. 

With Cristiano Ronaldo having a different role in this team, A more supportive centre-forward,  there is no room for mistakes as it can be his last Euro, An extra motivation for a player that has achieved so much in his career and has already won this tournament back in 2016. 

This also doesn't hide from the fact that Portugal has a great team that consists of players like Manchester City’s duo Ruben Diaz and Bernardo Silva, Man United’s Bruno Fernandes, PSG’s Vintinha and Nuno Mendes, mighty AC Milan’s Rafa Leao and Barca’s Jao Felix, all of whom are renowned names in world football. 

4. Spain 

With more young energy in this team, Luis De La Fuente has done an excellent job in tallying experienced players with young upcoming superstars.

On the other hand, you see players like Rodri, Carvajal, Nacho, and Morata who are experienced and senior players of the squad guiding players like Pedri, Fermin Lopez, and Lamine Yamal. An excellent combination of experience and aggressiveness. 

Lamine Yamal has himself been a centre of attraction this summer as his talent is being compared to the likes of Lionel Messi, as his gameplay improved Spain might get a generational player in its hands. Spain also has a unique style of play considering their playing style has been heavily influenced by Barcelona, players from Barcelona still make up most of the players in the squad.

With possession-based gameplay and penetrative football Luis De La Fuente still has a lot of do for this team but a team that has the capabilities and players to win the prestigious European Championship. 

3. England 

England too has a great squad this season for the Euros. With emerging stars like Jude Bellingham, and Phil Foden this team has a very young core but lacks maturity, however, this team can be compared nowhere to the golden generation of the England team as most players haven’t hit the prime only the likes of Harry Kane, Kyle Walker has hit the prime.

We all know how ferocious the English premier league is, and most of the players in this English team play in the premier league, the main reason we haven’t seen these players connect properly with each other. The club rivalries play a big part in dividing the dressing room.

But Spain in 2010 could do it so this English team also could. 

They have a manager who has been with this English team for a long time and has guided this team to the finals of the Euros and the semi-finals of the World Cup, Gareth Southgate also is said to have managed this English team for the last time this Euro.

Surely this can play as an extra motivation and commitment for the team. 

2. Germany

Now Germany stands in a different aura for this Euro this is a team that has time and time proved that you do not need an individual superstar to win major titles, A country that focuses on pure football and team play is well portrayed by Germany in all the levels. After the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Germany has not been able to win any major trophies they were thrashed in the 2016 Euro Final by Portugal and had a stinker of the World Cup in 2018 and 2022. 

Under Joachim Low team had truly lost its identity and was barely a team that lacked direction with the appointment Hansi Flick fans expected the same but it didn’t work out, Now at charge is Julian Nagelsmann.

He has an excellent team at his disposal, with many he has personally worked with at Bayern Munich, Thomas Muller playing that senior supporting role with likes of Toni Kross and Manuel Neur leading the team on the field. Germany has an excellent balance to its team as the midfield is run by the maestro himself, Toni Kross with the best available young Attacking midfielder in Jamal Musiala with pacey forwards like Leroy Sane and Florian Witz.

3. France 

France these Euro’s are no doubt the number 1 favourites as they have an excellent team and most above of all they have a fantastic team bonding, This French team has been made for Mbappe, their crown prince but everybody knows their role in the team. Didier Deschamps has done an excellent job in collecting a group of players that has been able to bond well together.

Team Bonding and relationships in the training camp play a very important role in a team’s success, you might have seen hundreds of videos online of Tchuameni, Camavinga, Marcus Thuram, and Kylian Mbappe playing and smiling together. If you can remember then Argentina also had the same vibes before the World Cup. 

In other words, Argentina was a simple team that was heavily bound by the emotions of all the players combined, the players felt emotionally connected, hence we saw this connection in pursuit of their excellent World Cup win. 

This is exactly what France are looking like, with all smiles in the training ground there seemed to be no pressure and Kylian Mbappe coming out of PSG and joining Real Madrid is an another plus in this crucial time as he has been the one who is seen the most happy, 

And happy players can do wonders in world football. 


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