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Why Brazil could win the 2022 World cup

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Why Brazil could 2022 World Cup?

Brazil can win this world cup

“It's brazil” I know this is what comes to everybody’s mind when someone says Brazil will win this world cup, or "well yeah they are always the favourite they are Brazil".

Football is a game of What If”s, but’s and what not, What If Neymar was not injured in 2014, what If Messi didn't miss that chance against Germany, What If Zidane never headbutted Matterazi in that final against Italy, Well we have a fair of these Questions.

So what makes this year special for Brazil, is that they might not just be the contender for the title but would go on to win it. Well, First it’s Brazil, second, the team itself Let me explain.

The 2014 World Cup doesn’t look so distant in the past, As a matter of fact, every Brazilian would still be horrified to see that hammering of 7-1 from Joachim Low side in that tournament.

But what’s the difference between that Brazil team with the upcoming Brazilian team or with the Brazilian team featured in 2018?

Neymar can still be the difference for Brazil

You see, there seems to be a pattern of how Brazil played back in 2014 or 2018, it was with one player on focus. Wonder who might that be? Absolutely correct Neymar, Why does Brazil look so dumb up in front of that goal against Germany? They badly missed Neymar.

So What is 2018, Neymar wasn’t injured at that time right, Well to be honest that Neymar looked like a Neymar who went on just to play for himself, with his rolling heroics and antic’s being trolled in the media, Neymar did not look like playing for the team but playing with the team?

Not to mention his big-money sign-up just after the world cup, points out he might not have been happy or content in that Barcelona side, perhaps hampering his Brazil performance.

This year is a completely different story, we see a Neymar who is much more focused, and hungry to prove himself, after losing the main man value in that PSG team, A more mature Neymar, who times it accurately with team link-up, not just blatant dribbling ending up on the ground.

Brazil's Team Depth

This year Brazil have a host of quality players, An mixture of Youngblood and Experienced minds, We saw the heroics of the Champions League by Real Madrid right this season, two-four out of 11 players of that team were Brazilians, Vinicius Junior, Rodrigo, Militao, Carlos Casemiro.

A team that could perform so well under pressure, surely that mentality would be key, Bring on the experience of Casemiro, Marquinhos, Alisson, Thiago Silva, and Fabihho you have a killing machine.

Playing a mixture of Young and experienced players, Brazil not only has the combo but also pace and stamina, which in modern football of high press, counter-attacking football has been key.

With vision Neymar has imagined him releasing Viniccious down the flank open towards the goal with players like Gabriel and Rodrigo up for his support, Well that seems extremely possible, With Tite currently experimenting with the team to fit in Neymar as a midfielder.

Well with Brazil not winning the world for almost two decades, they might have extra hunger to just go out there with a motive to bring Brazil back to the place where it was once.



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