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Will Liverpool miss a top 4 finish in Premier League this season?

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Liverpool has been in poor form this season under Klopp according to the standards they have set for the past few seasons. Today after losing to Manchester City by a 4-1 margin they are 27 points behind the league leaders Arsenal and 7 points behind Tottenham who currently stands in 4th position playing the same no. of matches. Moreover, Newcastle United who are at 5th at present one ahead of Liverpool has played 1 match less and is 5 points ahead of Liverpool. Also Newcastle United seems to have reinvented their form in the league after two consecutive victories in their previous 2 matches.

Mohammad Salah opened the scoring at the 17th min of the game and gave Liverpool the lead; their only goal. Liverpool had a bright start but soon gave away the lead as Julian Alvarez pulled back the equalizer and had their worrying days back. De Bruyne gave City the lead in the 1st min of the second half and; then Gundogan and Grealish sealed the victory and all 3 points for City. Liverpool's players didn't show a great defensive display as Gundogan was left unmarked when he scored the goal from a rebound inside the penalty box. Grealish scored when he received a cutback from the left wing, swiftly moved inside the box, and put the ball at the back of the net when Alexander Arnold who was near Grealish gave up the track back and challenge for the ball. The body language of the Liverpool players was speaking all about their performance.

This season we have this giving-up attitude of Liverpool players many times and if this keeps up in the last phase of the season it looks difficult for Liverpool to make the top 4 and directly qualify for the UCL next season. Things like Newcastle getting back into winning ways also needs to be taken into consideration along with managerial change in Tottenham. If Liverpool fails to make it to top 4 this would be for the 1st time after many seasons under Klopp Liverpool would end their season in such poor note.



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