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3 Players who can replace Kylian Mbappe at PSG

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Top 3 Players who can replace Mbappe in PSG

Kylian Mbappe is one of the world's most valued players, The Frenchman has the world on his feet right now as the forward looks towards a new adventure that might begin in Real Madrid. The player had dropped a bombshell previously by handing over that letter which described his intention to leave PSG after his contract expires in 2024.

From then on there has been an absolute cut-off from Paris Saint-Germain's side as the club wants to sell the player as soon as possible. There has been a change of thinking within the club as previously they wanted to keep hold of Mbappe but now they seem to be afraid of losing the Best Player in the World to Real Madrid for free.

So as Mbappe has been thrown out of the squad temporarily there has been quiet some action in the transfer market as PSG is looking to replace Kylian Mbappe

So Here are the Top 3 Players who can replace Kylian Mbappe at PSG

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Ousmane Dembele from Barcelona

Ousmane Dembele from Barcelona is one of the targets PSG is looking to replace Kylian Mbappe with, his profile matches that of Mbappe as being a Frenchman Dembele has become an absolute priority for PSG. There have been many talks saying that signing Dembele is not a part of the Mbappe saga.

But PSG has rapidly approached Dembele after the major deadline for Mbappe had declined, this raises a doubt as Dembele might be a direct replacement for Mbappe.

Osumane Dembele

Signing Dembele might not be as easy as PSG thinks as Barcelona might not make this deal easy at all given all the troubles PSG has given to Barcelona like the Neymar saga, and the Marco Veratti case PSG has not been easy at Barca when it came to sign their players likewise Barcelona might not make it a easy for them at all.

After the match against AC Milan in the United States it is pretty much confirmed that Dembele is set to join Paris Saint-Germain. Xavi told exclusively the reporters about the Dembele situation he was quoted saying.

"I am a little disappointed with Dembele. We took care of him a lot here. But he decided to leave. We cannot compete with PSG's offer"

Adding to it - He also said

"I knew everything regarding Dembele's contract. I knew about the clause, and I talked with Mataeu Alemany about it. I knew that there was the possibility of Osumane leaving, but I saw him so happy at the club I didn't expect it at all"

But will Dembele be the direct replacement for Mbappe, On one serious consideration it is a fact that injury problems have plagued Dembele's career. He has less goal contribution than Neymar while being a longer Barca player than him. If Dembele manages to stay fit throughout the season he does have the capability that close to Mbappe.

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Bernardo Silva from Manchester City

Silva is one of the most high-profile names in World Football right now as Silva has recently won a prestigious treble for Manchester City. He has a market value of $95 Million and is a very prolific and versatile player. He can play anywhere in the attacking field we have seen so many times during the Premier League season that he frequently changes position all over the pitch.

Although he seems to embrace that Right-Wing in the field. He often drifts towards that number 10 area. Pep Guardiola has used him in that position before and he has performed extremely well in that position too.

Bernardo Silva

This season PSG is also keen on signing talents like Bernardo Silva. The player profile fits that of Mbappe even though age might be a decisive factor. According to many reports, there has been a contact between the two clubs for the possible transfer of the player but it suggests right now that Silva himself is not that keen on joining PSG as he might wait for Barcelona.

But given the financial backing of PSG, they are in far more favourable condition than Barcelona as the financial crisis has chained the Catalonian club. If PSG wants they surely can trigger the release clause of the player.

The player fits the PSG system and can replace Kylian Mbappe if Luis Enrique uses him correctly, as Mbappe too has that same capability of playing from anywhere from the Attacking field.

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Rafael Leao from AC Milan

Rafael Leao is one of the players who are very close to Mbappe in terms of speed and acceleration. He is also one of the youngest Portuguese forwards as young and energetic he was very crucial for Milan's Title charge of 2022. He is estimated to be 90 Million in today's market.

He is a prolific winger operating from that Left-Wing position. His acceleration and pace are quite similar to that of Mbappe and has an excellent vision inside the box. He mainly is tasked to player that dangerous by-line crosses into the box where strikers like Giroud wait to tap in the ball.

Rafael Leao

A profile that fits very uniquely with PSG's playing style. Acceleration and pace have been the signature of modern football and Rafael Leao has abundant of them. If he works hard there is a chance he can replicate mbappe's success at PSG

He also might be hard to get as Milan is in no mood to sell the player as they see Leao as one of the future Milan franchise players. Rafael himself doesn't want to leave Milan now but in football nothing is impossible. The player can be lured through lucrative opportunities and a good sporting project.

There is nothing guaranteed in football as Environment changes players will always prioritize winning trophies and awards. There is no virtual guarantee that any of these players might not end in PSG.

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