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The Mbappe saga is back on again - Is a move for Real Madrid confirmed? Fabrizio Romano confirms.

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Kylian saga

Kylian Mbapppe and Real Madrid have been on the talking point this summer transfer window too as things are getting spicy again. After the Champions League final and Manchester City lifting the treble, there seems to be less attention towards City winning the treble than the possible Kylian Mbappe's exit.

Kylian Mbappe was locked out last summer by signing a 2-year deal with PSG with another year as an option which only the player could have triggered.

After a miserable season with PSG, winning the league by just a point and crashing out of the Champions League and the French Cup Mbappe is all ready to begin a new chapter somewhere else.

The news broke out early out on 12th June about Mbappe's possible letter to the PSG hierarchy about him confirming that he won't sign the contract extension which would see him in PSG outfit beyond next season.

Mbappe has been a hot topic since their World Cup shine with their hat trick in the Final he has been a player many clubs would be looking to bring in.

Fabrizio Romano confirmed mbappe's situation:

  • * No contract extension will be signed.

  • * PSG hierarchy is not happy with Florentino Perez's comments about signing Mbappe in the future.

  • * PSG are firm on Mbappe this time

  • * PSG has no plan to let Mbappe leave for free, sign the contract or be sold this summer.

An interesting situation builds up as it is clear that Mbappe won't be signing the new contract and PSG are in no position to let the player leave for free that means PSG would be open to selling their main man this summer.

Various reports also suggest that PSG is said to put on a price tag on Kylian around $200 million. Qatar is open to selling Mbappe if the right deal comes through the table. This situation was near impossible during the previous transfer window as PSG were very Stearn on their stance with Mbappe.

Erling Haaland Mbappe's closest rivals have currently won the treble with Manchester City PSG as a team is nowhere near that position to challenge for that trophy with the departures of important figures such as Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos there might be some chaos in the dressing room as where might the club be heading, recent rumours also suggest that Marco Verrati might also be leaving soon.

Mbappe might not be sure of PSG's project as he is in his best years now wasting time in Ligue One might be very harsh on the Young Frenchman's career.

In a recent post Mbappe did deny the news confirming that his joining Real Madrid is fake but this is a transfer market as players usually come out denying everything that is happening behind the scenes.

New Updates Regarding Mbappe Saga

Paris Saint-Germain has absolutely embarrassed themselves they wanted to keep a player who had his eyes set on Real Madrid since 2021. The contract PSG provided to Kylian Mbappe has heavily backfired, with all these rumours going about potential deal with other clubs also backfired as Mbappe only wants Real Madrid.

If you want to read more about Real Madrid's bid for Mbappe in 2021 then click here - Real Madrid bid for Mbappe in 2021

Kylian Mbappe was 90% close on joining Real Madrid last summer but he changed his decision at the last moment after PSG offered him a huge sum of money and probably to his entourage.

This time it is the exact opposite with PSG keen to sell their French Superstar to any club in the world. It was reported that PSG were inviting other clubs to bid for Mbappe, A tactic played to make Real Madrid act as PSG suspects Mbappe has a contract with Real Madrid for 2024. Real Madrid did bid for Kylian Mbappe for over $200 Million in 2021 but it all turned fruitless as PSG refused to accept the bid.

Now they might have to consider a bid of $100 Million or less as PSG seems desperate to sell Mbappe.

According to Romano, they did offer the highest bid of $300 Million from a Saudi Arabia. Al-Hilal was ready to splash a $700 Million Dollar contract on Mbappe making him the highest-paid sportperson in the world.

Al-Hilal's bid for Mbappe was -

  • $300 Million to PSG

  • $700 Million annual salary to Mbappe

  • Criteria for him to join Real Madrid on 2024

But Mbappe has refused to even talk with the Saudi's. He had plainly rejected the idea of playing in the Saudi. Many anticipate that Mbappe might be waiting for his loyalty bonus which he is due from Paris Saint-Germain after 31st August of which also he will be free to negotiate with anyone.

Now According to renowned journalists like Fabrizio Romano, It is all up to Real Madrid to officially bid for Mbappe. Kylian only wants Real Madrid.



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