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Arsenal's fairytale comeback in making - An Arsenal bound for the title.

Updated: Aug 1, 2023


Yes, The Premier League Title race is still not over, But over a year after what we saw in the rise of this Arsenal team, there is no denying that these folks don't deserve to be the Champions. A team which just a couple of years before was the target of heavy criticism and trolls following their miserable years after the Invicibles and that grand 2006 era where they slipped against Barcelona in the Champions League Final.

Well, You may ask who might have even thought in their wildest dream that all out of the teams it would be Arsenal breaking the monopoly of Manchester City and Liverpool in the battle for the title.

After the signings of Zivchenko and Gabriel Jesus, It is what seems like they have got their mojo back. Arteta who was heavily influenced by Pep Guardiola during his stay as Manchester City Assistant Coach seems to have adopted that Guardiola system in this Young Arsenal team.

The most dangerous thing about Arsenal has been their playing style, the domination in possession and the attack flow of the team purely replicates the Guardiola system. Even Arteta was able to play Guardiola his own game the possession stat against City looked unbelievable. One more thing that makes this Arsenal team the most dangerous amongst others is the team's average age which is an astonishing 24.7, Arsenal's most feared player Bukayo Saka or Martinelli or Odegaaard seems to be at the beginning of their career.

The possession with pure raw pace of these players has made the team adapt to a very modern way of football with a mixture of possession with pace.

Arsenal does have a history of having pacey players like Thierry Henry etc but the pace of "fast football" has been the new term in world football. Arsenal seems to have perfected this exact philosophy.

Not only that but during the current season Arsenal has looked like a team who are very much motivated for the first title since 2004. They had come agonizingly close to winning it back in 2016 but Leicester City with a fairytale of a Premier League win stole the last opportunity Arsene Wegner had of the Premier League title.

Players have done a great job under Arteta with players like Saka, Martinelli, and Odegaard Arsenal has been able to rise up again and challenge for the titles once again. The patience Arteta has shown has also been reflected here.

Surely under Arteta, this Arsenal team has taken many years to build but the end products for the patience have been great. With a team like this Arsenal should be able to challenge for the Premier League title for many years to come.



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