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Barcelona Jersey 2022/23

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

There is always excitement when it comes to a football kit unveil and FC Barcelona is no surprise to that excitement. Barcelona has been home to the very best players worldwide. Lionel Messi, Johan Cruyff, Ronaldinho, Neymar, and Rivaldo have played here so it is natural FC Barcelona is a world-renowned club. Fans all around the world go crazy when the official New Jersey drops ahead of the season.

Barcelona jersey 2022/23 Home Kit

The unique style of Barcelona Jersey is what makes it stand out from others. While other teams go for coloured jerseys, Barcelona has this style of stripes containing blue and red colours.

Barcelona's jersey resembles Catalan pride with blue and red stripes, Barcelona has acquired a unique style because of their jersey. The blue and red stripes resemble the Barcelona logo.

Barcelona is a club that is not only limited to football but is considered a people’s club. They have a unique phrase called "mes que un club" which translates to "more than a club". This feeling is well known among the designers as they ought to create kits that are Barcelona standards and can reflect people's emotions.

Nike the main sponsor of Barclona has always kept things simple when it comes to Barcelona Jersey's. The overall design and comfort are always made sure remains of high quality and with a sponsor of Spotify on the jersey it has helped keep things minimal. Minimum sponsors always look better and cleaner compared to the bucketloads of sponsors engraved upon a shirt.

FC Barcelona is identified by their fans also known as very passionate and supportive of their players around Europe.

The 2022/23 Barcelona shirt is no different but has of classic black touch behind the usual blue shade, That tinge of black does make it look more dominant than the usual blue shading.

Somehow 2022/23 Barcelona jerseys does call back the memory from the 2019 season as the style are pretty similar to those of 2019. It also had a tinge of black shade in that kit.

Barcelona 2022/23 Away kit

Barcelona's away kit is as beautiful as the home kit, The away kit of Barcelona signifies Catalan nationalism with all yellow and no stripes which mainly resembles the Catalan flag. With all yellow jerseys, players are not mistaken on the field.

Usually, the Away kit of Barcelona is characterized by yellow colours and red stripes going vertically down from the neck to the hips.

Barcelona 2022/23 third kit

Even though the primary colour of the jersey seems to be white, it completely is not. As the front of the shirt is covered with a huge cross in red and blue which are prime Barca colors.

Nevertheless, Barca Jersey is never out of fashion as antique jerseys are still a trend among supporters.

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