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Can Arsenal still win the Premier League?

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Arsenal began their Premier League campaign in style after so long and for most of the season, Mikel Arteta and his lads looked solid and determined to win the Premier League title after a rebuilding phase of 2 years.

But suddenly they look in the back seat after a poor run of results in consecutive 4 matches, while on the other side, their sole competitor this season Manchester City took the lead with a game in hand.

In the last 4 matches Arsenal has drawn 3 of them while losing the last one against their league competitor Manchester City by a 4-1 goal. That defeat might have greatly affected their confidence, and the dressing room is becoming tenser with each poor result.

All the draws before the loss against City were the results of individual mistakes that caused Arsenal to slip their leads despite giving a good team show. Unfortunately, Arsenal will have to face a few tough opponents in their remaining games such as Brighton and Newcastle United who are doing well this season.

So every Arsenal fan might be asking, is there anything positive for them? Well, Arsenal can look back at their current season which has been an exceptional one as they held the top spot for so long, take positive feeling out of that, motivate themselves before going to play their next match.

This is the best they can do a hope the table gets turned again in their favor. Manchester City's UCL clashes against favorites Real Madrid can affect their Premier League results which can help Arsenal to get back their position again at the top.



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